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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Clark County Fair

I took this video today at the Clark County State Fair. Madison and her cousin Breana had a fabulous time riding the rides. There are pictures at the Flickr link as well...

The fair was a lot of fun - we drove out early this morning and thank goodness we did; when we were leaving at 3:00 the road in to the fair grounds was backed up to the interstate (that's like 4 or 5 miles). The kids had a blast - there was so much to do - but wow, was it crowded by lunchtime. Madison has inherited my fear of clowns, that's for sure.

The kitchen project is in full swing, with the counter tops having been removed on Thursday:

The new dishwasher you see here... yeah, it doesn't work. Karl connected it and it started to leak as soon as I turned the water on. Can't get it looked at until water is actually turned back on in the kitchen. What you see here is where the kitchen sink WILL go, but for now, NO sink. I'm going a bit batty but I'll be happy when it's all over.

Hope you're having a great weekend!!


Lily said...

Clowns are scary.
Good luck with the rest of the kitchen renovation.

Teri said...

I haven't been to the Clark County Fair in a long time (years and years) I guess I have reason to go again.

Tired of paper plates yet? I can't wait to see the finished product.

Vegas Princess said...

So where is this fair? I love fairs and had no idea there was one even in the area.

BeckEye said...

I can't wait until summer, with all its fairs and picnics and funnel cakes and rides and FUN! The weather here in the Northeast has been miserable for what seems like forever.

Nik said...

The video was too cute-- you got a wave every time around. Man, I miss being that young, those car/motorcycle type rides at the fair were the best. Back then, those frickin horns were NEVER that annoying. LOL The pics are great too, looks like she had a rockin time.

Can't wait til your kitchen is all fixed up. I have no clue hoe the heck you're maintaining your sanity, but good on ya.
Hope you're off to an awesome week.

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Glad you had a fun time! Clowns should be illegal. Your kitchen is coming along nicely!!!

LoraLoo said...

Lily - Thank you! Clowns are very, very scary.

Teri - I'm so very tired of paper plates, and washing my coffee pot in my bathroom!

VP - The fair comes to Logandale, Nevada - about an hour north of here.

Beckeye - Spring is much better here, it doesn't get to 100+ degrees yet. I know you guys have really had a bad spring so far, hope it gets warmer soon!

Nik: Thank you - they really did have such a blast. I'll be so very happy when this kitchen crap is over.

Barbara: I'm so glad there are so many others with clown fears...I don't feel like such a freak!