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Thursday, February 15, 2007


I read an article this morning that cracked me up, then it sort of pissed me off. The headline is "Study: Men Hardwired to Ignore Their Wives". Please feel free to read it here (it's not a long article). There are a lot of things wrong with this study. But I'm keeping it brief and giving you two.

1. Who wasted good grant money for this? Are scientists really this bored?

2. What a broad generalization of men.

Men, how does this make you feel? Ladies? I have trouble with gender assumptions and what we should be "hardwired" for as men or women. I get offended when anyone assumes anything about me just because I don't have a penis. I can take the article lightly as a bit of trivial fun, but insulted that scientists are doing this instead of something more worth while.


BarBarA said...

All I can say is what a wast of time and money! I agree, if I had a penis I would be insulted by the generalization. There are people dying of cancer and starving to death - could we spend money on that please????

Nik said...

Ya know, with all the poverty, illness, etc. in this world, it amazes me to see how much money gets wasted on crap like this.

To make generalizations about a group of people and call it scientific research (or whatever kind of research) is BS.

Me personally, I probably wouldn't fit into most gender assumptions about women, so what's that say about me, ya know?

LoraLoo said...

Barbara: Exactly!!

Nik: I also don't fit into most generalizations about women. So I think it says only wonderful things about you!