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Sunday, February 11, 2007


I'm watching the Grammy's right now... I anticipated this Police reunion for days and days. I bought into the hype, and I wondered what they might sing tonight. I thought "Synchronicity" would be fitting (at least the title, after all these years), for the first tune. Would they sing "Roxanne"? Or a collection of a few of their best hits? Maybe a surprise new song? When I sat here, glued to the TV, and they started with "Roxanne", the music lover in me jumped for joy! They sounded great - even though in the big picture they seemed a little forced and disjointed. They performed like the old rift that broke them apart still stands. Despite that, I was enjoying the performance. Sting still looks damn good, doesn't he? I pondered to myself that the tantric sex he's famous for has aged him well. LOL Then - I watched in disbelief - the song ended, they all bowed to the audience, and walked off. They sang one song and walked off. Huh? THIS was the Police reunion we'd all been promised for weeks?

I just finished watching Justin Timberlake's performance of "What Goes Around..Comes Around". Is it just me, or is he singing yet another song to Britney?

Anyway, I'm going back to the show.


Meow said...

Just dropping by to wish you a Happy Valentines Day.
Take care, Meow

BeckEye said...

I missed it. The only thing I wanted to see on the Shammys and I missed it. But, it's floating around on YouTube. Or it will be until Big Brother yanks it.

They're going on tour. Maybe you can get tix.

An80sNut said...

I'm never overwhelmed with the Grammys. The Police reunion will be good but I am not going to fork out $250 to see them. Still not too big on the jazzy mid-song jam sessions but that's just me. I don't see myself buying a Timberlake album but he has impressed me over the past year. (Did anyone else think that he looked like Coldplay's Chris Martin at the piano there.)

Happy Valentines, hon.

NMOTB said...

Hi, I like your blog!!! I sort of watched the Grammy's between naps while lying on the couch!!!!!

Nik said...

I didn't get a chance to watch the Grammy's, but from the sounds of it, I didn't miss much.

It's cool that the Police are reuniting, but I have a gut feeling there's gonna be a big meltdown at some point. It'd be cool to see them, but I can't imagine the tickets are gonna be decent priced.

LoraLoo said...

Meow: Thank you! I hope you too had a good Valentine's Day.

Beckeye: You didn't miss too much.

Martin: The Police reunion was the only reason I actually started watching the Grammys. See where that got me..LOL I have both of JT's albums, this second one is actually really, really good. I can totally see where he looked like Chris Martin, the hair really did it.

NMOTB: Hey! Welcome to my blog, I love new visitors. :)

Nik: I am willing to bet the Police will come to Vegas but I'll have to donate a kidney to afford tickets.

Vegas Princess said...

I too was disappointed in the "reunion."

The supposed story of that song is a friend of Justin's was dating a girl who cheated on him and then when she left his friend for this other guy he ended up cheating on her. That's what Justin says anyway...I think he is dissing Britney but that's just me. I thought it was an amazing performance and his duet with the winner at the end was pretty good.

All in all, a sleeper of a show. Even the acceptance speeches kinda sucked. I expected more angst from the Dixie Chicks, but they accepted their awards with grace and their performance was AMAZING!!! Makes me proud I supported them for all these years.