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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Midweek Update

Have I ever told you about the magic that is Starbucks? I woke up extremely groggy, feeling blah and my sinuses hurt. On the way to work I picked up a venti coffee of the day and ta-da! I was a functioning adult. Come summertime I'm going to miss my frozen frappucinos (there's wayyyyy too many carbs in them), but I'm sure an iced coffee will suffice. Starbucks simply rocks.

I don't know about the rest of you with IPods, but my database is somewhat of a mess. I have music I downloaded from various places and the ID3 tags are all messed up. (For those of you who don't know what the ID3 tag is, here's the definition from www.ID3.org: "An ID3 tag is a data container within an MP3 audio file stored in a prescribed format." So all the information like track name, album name, blah blah blah, is located there. Coworker S. referred me to a program called FixTunes that will automatically edit and fix these for you. I downloaded it last night and ran it overnight (by 6:30 a.m. it was still working on my 34 GB of music). So I'll let you know how it goes. I do already like it's simplicity and the interface is nice. You can check it out their website here.

I get teased a lot at the office because I actually download from ITunes. I guess I'm not geek enough for the alternative methods...LOL BUT, I've gotten a hold of some converter programs for adding your own movies to your IPod. I need to sit down and check them out. I'll let you know how that goes too.

I know this is a little late, seeing as the Superbowl was Sunday... but have any of you read the crap about Prince's phallic shadow? WTF? Here's the picture:

And here's an article about it: "Some see guitar some see phallic imagery..." Huh? It's a freakin' guitar people. I get so irritated with all this nonsense. And so what if it WAS phallic? You don't see his junk hanging out, do ya?? Are we going back to the days where we can't film below the waist because someone might actually gyrate? What about these countries where nudity and/or sex isn't such a taboo subject? Where people can actually be somewhat nude on tv? Are they third world countries? Are they all having sex in the streets? Come on, America. Have a glass of wine, and pull that broom stick out of your ass.

Okay. This is me, stepping off my soapbox.


Ken said...

Starbucks simply rules. I agree the Fraps are simply too high in sugar. An iced latte or iced caramel frappucino (YUMMY!) would most likely suffice. Also, I am becoming partial to the Coffee Bean. There aren't many in town but their Caramel Latte's ROCK!

BeckEye said...

Prince is always sexually charged. But so what. Sometimes a guitar is just a guitar. And he rocks. :)

I hate coffee, so I never go to Starbucks. The one time I went there, I tried to get a plain ol' regular iced tea, and they acted like I was speaking a foreign language. They gave me some fruity tea crap for like $5 and I took one sip and dumped it out.

Nik said...

Starbucks is almost heaven! The transformation that takes place after a cup is simply amazing. I fell in love with that place all over again, when I found out that my beloved peppermint mocha isn't just a christmas holiday treat, you can get it year round. YEAH!!

The whole Prince thing is beyond pathetic. People just have to makse something out of nothing these days-gotta have something to bitch about! Besides, it's Prince! Has he not always pushed the envelope a bit when it comes to sexuality? So, even if phallic image was his intent, it wasn't obvious/blatant and he's Prince so he can do those things, cuz he frickin rules!

BTW, you on your soapbox is awesome. You come up with some great ideas up there. lol

BarBarA said...

THIS IS A GREAT POST! Information, opinion and humor!

First about Prince - I agree with everything you said. People are so weird.

I can't wait to hear if that Fixtunes things work.

And believe it or not - I think I have mastered the downloading of Youtube (or whatever) vids and converting them to my Pod! I've done if about five times and it worked great. What are you using?

Last but not least. I needed you the other day. I was having a major computer issue so thought I was hot shit and opened her up and took out the memory boards (long story on why I did that) and then when I got it back together, NADA! ZIP! My bosses were not pleased since my computer is the office server (oops). Had to call in a tech guy and pay to have him tell me I re-installed the memory deal upside down. Lesson learned...next time ASK LORA!

Fred said...

Letsee, I don't do Starbucks (I hate coffee.), I don't have an iPod, and I didn't see Prince.

So, I learned quite a bit today!

Vegas Princess said...

Those are the same peple still complaining about Janet Jackson's boob...which given any of the outfits people wear today is not that daring.

Wait, I didn't get the memo...getting music off iTunes isn't cool?

An80sNut said...

Prince probably gave the best half-time show that I've ever seen. His version of the Foo Fighters' "Best Of You" was appreciated even by the band. I actually loved the imagery in a very heterosexual way.

Ricardo said...

Ey how did the fixtubes go?

Ricardo said...

How did the fixtunes experiment go?