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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weekend Update

My niece Breana spent the night on Saturday to have some fun with Madison. These girls definitely know how to have a good time!! They fell asleep somewhere around 10pm and woke up at 6am. For those of you without toddlers - this is sleep deprivation for everyone in the house, mostly them (toddlers should have at least 11 hours of sleep every day, including naps). I woke up to Madison opening and closing doors around the house; she woke up before everyone else and was so excited to be roaming about by herself. I took a whole bunch of pictures, but most of them are fuzzy - the camera needs to go in for repair again. Here's the best (and thankfully, it was the cutest). Madison has a dress-up trunk so they had to dress up like pretty princesses before watching The Little Mermaid.

Karl redeemed himself from the "blanket incident" by taking Maddy shopping today so I could work more on the playroom. I've now got a sizeable donation pile in the garage, and a much more empty playroom:

Just about everything here will be moved out next weekend and I'm planning on having the carpets cleaned February 10. Dallas has adjusted to his new cat box location, but using the cat door is still a challenge. We didn't take notice how big his box is (he is seriously one big cat), so he can barely fit through the door because the box pretty much blocks it. I ordered one of those corner cat boxes to fit better in the closet, and then we'll get him to use the cat door only. I'll let you know how this works, what a clever idea to have a cat box that molds to a corner - a serious space-saving idea! Hopefully his long body will fit it well.

Have a fantastic week!


BarBarA said...

They are so cute! Dress up is so fun and so good for the imagination!!

Hope everyone gets caught up on sleep!

Nik said...

The girls look so cute in their outfits. Dress up is soo fun when you're little. 6am, UGH! I woulda busted out some NyQuil on them both. LOL

The remodeling looks like it's going well, though. I wish ya luck with that.

Good luck with the cat door solutions, poor big kiity.

Hope ya have a rocking week!!

Vegas Princess said...

That is such a great picture! But I bet you a bit tired after a weekend of running around after the two of them!

The playroom looks great, not like a playroom at all it is so clean. Did it stay that way for long?

LoraLoo said...

Barbara: Thanks... Maddy is really into being a princess these days.

Nik: Yeah, unfortunately Maddy's regular wake up time is about 6-7am. I sure miss sleeping in!

VP: The playroom isn't done yet - gotta get all that stuff out of there so I can move her gazillion toys in there. So no, it won't look that neat for long... LOL

An80sNut said...

Just be worried if she starts waking up early like that and decides to make you breakfast. But, the novelty of being the only one that is awake (if she does this without her cousin there) will wear off.

Nabeel said...

awww cute smiles .. may they always be smiling.