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Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Blanket Incident

So I'm sitting in the dentist chair, and my personal cell phone goes off. I ignore it, thinking if it's important they'll leave a message. About 3 minutes go by, and it goes off again. I excuse myself, stop the ringing and turn the phone off. It's Karl trying to reach me - and usually in the morning he will call for something I see as completely ridiculous ("Was there an accident when you left?" or "What shoes is Maddy wearing today?"). I'm sure if there's a decision to be made, he'll be able to figure it out. He's a big boy. Right?

I settle back into the dentist chair, and someone from the front comes in. "I need Lora for just a minute, Karl needs to talk to her." We're on a first name basis there, I've been a patient there for over 20 years (not to mention Karl's had so much work done, I'm sure he's personally funded some technology upgrades). Now I'm worried. I make my way to the phone wondering what happened. Is she bleeding? Did she fall? Is she throwing up? I mean, why else would he interrupt my dentist appointment. Right? I pick up the receiver expecting the worst possible scenario, and I hear this: "Where's Maddy's school blanket? Doesn't she need a blanket?"

I'd left her backpack open the night before and he noticed there was no blanket. Her blanket stays at school during the week and I bring it home every Friday to wash. Okay, so he may not know that little fact. But there's no less than 6 blankets in her closet! If he was so worried, why not pick one of them and just take the damn thing? I calmly answered him and went back to my appointment.

That night he reads me the riot act because I don't always answer my cell phone. I am not a big fan of the telephone, so it's something he zaps me with a lot. I don't always have my cell phone on my person, and he's worried he won't reach me in an emergency. Uh... had it truly BEEN an emergency, he knew exactly how to reach me, because he did. I reminded him that he IS a grown man who can make a myriad of complex decisions every single day. I'm sure the blanket issue could have been easily resolved in his own head, had he used it. Hmmpf!


An80sNut said...

It's just his excuse to call and hear your voice. I've never been big on using the phone either.

Lily said...

Ha! Go Lora!
I feel your pain, one of my coworkers gets constant phone calls from his wife, it is incredibly annoying. One call was about what vegetable he wanted with dinner: "uh huh, peas...uh huh well corn is fine too." She also called recently because she could not find the peanut butter.

Ken said...

That's such a guy thing to do! I would do the same thing. However, I like to think I would exercise some judgment but I often get hung up on details. So here's a vote supporting Karl!

BarBarA said...

Too funny. Love Martin's comment. I HATE talking on the phone!

Hopefully you guys had some great make-up sex after your little tif (oh my - did I say that!!)

Nik said...

First thing first, is hubby still alive? (just kidding).

I think guy's are just programmed to do that. Or maybe it's because we women get really upset when they don't do soemthing right that they just go the extra mile (although annoying) to make sure they're getting it right. Admittedly, to save themselves the hassle of getting yelled at for doing it wrong. But they fail to realize that you're pissed at them anyways, for not making the decision themselves. Double edged sword if ya ask me . lol

Vegas Princess said...

I have to laugh because I am so guilty of this. If I call my hubby at home when I know he is there and he doesn't pick up I then call his cell and if he doesn't pick that up...well, then I proceed to call both numbers every other minute until I finally get a hold of him.

What in the world did we do without cells and answering machines?

Heather said...

I am bad about not answering the phone two but it doesn't stop me from getting totally pissed wen my husband or friends don't answer when I call.

I am a total hypocrite. ;-)

Meow said...

Men ... they all seem to need us women to tell them what to do, and how to do it, don't they !!!!
Hope the dental work wasn't too painful !!
Take care, MEow