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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Moments In Time

In cleaning out things over the last two weeks, I came across a lot of old things. I've kept a lot of the cards, pictures, momentos and such from past relationships. Over the years I've gotten rid of some things, but there are so many things from important parts of my past I just can't get rid of. There are some of my best memories in these boxes; notes from my first boyfriend, a pressed rose from my high school sweetheart, vacation pictures with an ex, the card someone left on my truck at work who I was head over heels about. :) Do you keep these kinds of things? Why?

I also kept a journal from the time I was about 14 until about 29. I've been looking through them; it's really nice to remember where I've been and literally see transformation. What's funniest is all that dating drama. If I had a dollar for every time I wrote "He hasn't called yet!" or "I'm really not interested", I'd be seriously rich. If I only knew then what I know now, right? I know, I know. We have to make mistakes and learn from them to grow. There are some parts I wish there were do-overs for. But that would be like re-writing history, right? Is it all really chance, a series of cause and effect events, or do you believe in destiny?


Redneck Nerdboy! said...

My wife is a packrat from hell. But we're working on that.


That's COOL that you've kept a journal like that!! How neat to look back on your life like that. I certainly wish I'd kept one since birth.

BarBarA said...

Something tells me you had quite a few boys/men after your pre-Karl :)

I think its great that you saved that stuff. I have done the same thing, I have a box of old love letters from guys that I just can't part with! But when I was dating the sperm donor (Keven's dad) he was super jealous and made me get rid of ALL the photos of my ex bfs!!! I did save a few but not many. That _______.

I think you should share a few excerpts from your journal there :) I dare you!

Just think, some day Madison will be writing the same things ALL of us wrote "he hasn't called" and "I'm really not that interested"

BeckEye said...

I'm bad at throwing things out too. Any time I tried to clean out my closet, I would end up sitting on the floor going through photo albums and refusing to get rid of anything that had the slightest sentimental value. I did kind of a good purge recently though, since I moved again.

Vegas Princess said...

My husband doesn't understand why I keep these things, especially from guys who have broken my heart over the years. But I guess it is different for guys. He actually torched all things from previous women in his life.

Fred said...

I guess that's why I blogged. I wanted to "find" it sometime in the future and see what I was thinking at the time.

Meow said...

Memories are such wonderful things. I keep all that sort of stuff too. It's great to look back occasionally ... fun.
Take car,e Meow

Nik said...

Weird, my friend and I were just discussing journals/diaries/etc. the other day. She came across one from when she was 16 and it's amazing to see the person that she has become.

I've never kept a journal or anything, but I've got tons of photo albums that I go through every now and then.
To answer your questions: not so sure what I believe in as fas as that stuff is concerned. Now I gotta go think on that one.

An80sNut said...

Even items left on your car? hahaha Well, I do think I understand why the diary ended at 29. I think that it's great to keep those kind of memories because they remind you of different stages you were going through in your life... transition stages. Heck, I'd be curious to hear a few sections. hahaha I actually was wondering if you kept the diary going but if you think about it, you have a very PG-rated public one right here. B)