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Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday Morning Haiku

The child did not sleep
All night, dry heaves and the chills
A long day forward.


Heather said...

Man! Sounds miserable! I hope both of you get some sleep soon.

Lily said...

Hope she feels better soon.
hmm Do they make Nyquil in childrens form?

New White Keds said...

Oh poor baby! And Poor Mommy! I hoep everyone is feeling better soon!

Meow said...

Aaaawww, hope she feels better soon, and you all get some sleep.
Take care, Meow

Vegas Princess said...

Oh I hope she is better soon so you both cane get some sleepe? I am awake for more self-inflicted reasons. The bottle...

BarBarA said...

Aww, what a great Haiku
But only if it weren't true
Sorry to hear Madison is feeling blue
And I hope it doesn't spread to you.