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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lots of Time Off

It's been a few days around here. Karl and I both came down with that stomach virus Madison had, and her stomach still isn't quite where it used to be. Nothing like a whole household with stomachs that yell to each other from across the room.

I went to work one whole day this week. Not the kind of vacation I was really looking for! We're all doing a lot better today, and I am off today and tomorrow. Madison and I are going to the mall today, we're getting her Christmas pictures done and maybe get some lunch and Christmas shopping in as well. Don't hate me, I usually get everything holiday related done long before December 1.

I'm seeing a lot of talk about Britney and K-Dumbass - is anyone really surprised? I'm also not understanding the big hoopla about Tom/Katie's wedding. They'll probably be over with before 5 years anyway. Then again, I'm secretly fascinated with pop culture and hollywood gossip myself (there goes the secret). Nothing like watching victories as well as the train wrecks in the lives of the rich and famous...


An80sNut said...

Hope all of you get better. I'm happy that Madison came down with it now instead of missing Halloween.

As for Britney and Kevin... I think the media thought more of their marriage than most of us did.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

I think the media is really trying to get the public interested in Brit and K... and most people don't give a care.

BarBarA said...

Bummer all of you have been sick! Can't way to see Madison's Christmas pics. Ok - I can't believe you get all your Christmas stuff done so early, I envy you. I hate shopping so much I just do most of it online.

Big shock about Brit and Kev - I'm mean really who expected that to last? How many Hollywood marriages do?

Oh, do a post on that!!! The good marriages!

Nik said...

That sucks that you're all not feeling well. That nasty bug's making it's way around though. Here's hoping that you're all better now (or at least getting there anyways).

I wish I could get my Christmas stuff done early. I've already attemted to get ideas for the 14 kids I have to buy for, but their parents can't understand why I'd need the lists so early.

I think the media is trying to force us to care about this crap. I mentioned earlier to a friend that nobody had a good thing to say about them when they got married and now it's a big shocker that it didn't work out? Please!! I don't care for all the gossip and making a big deal out of every move celebs make, but some of the stories I admit, I do get into.

Have a great weekend!

Vegas Princess said...

I hope you get better soon!

Ugh, I am so sick of Tom/Cat (I already commented on the Britney thing.) She is throwing her life away and he needs to just get in his spacecraft and fly away to his home planet because he is taking up too much space on this one.

Meow said...

Hope the tummy bug departs your tummies asap. That is just not fun.
Wow, you get all your Christmas stuff done before December 1st ... present shopping and all ??? That's incredible. I usually don't start until about then, and find my last minute shopping is being done on the 23rd !!!
Have a great week.
Take care, Meow