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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Weekend Update

For the first weekend in a long while - we've had no plans, no time constraints, no events to occupy us. It's just been a normal, slow-paced weekend in the household. We're almost not sure what to do with ourselves!

I just watched my Cowboys lose - it was a good game, but my boys blew it. They should have had that field goal with 6 seconds left in the game. Not only was the field goal blocked, but Dallas picked up a face-mask penalty, turning the ball over and allowing Washington one last play - within field goal range. I hope The Tuna chews some serious ass in the locker room this afternoon.

Well, Dad and the family are gone, they were all gone by Thursday. They moved to Mississippi, as that is where my step-family lives. I understand why they left Nevada and moved there; my stepmother wants to be near her family. I do get it. But Mississippi? It's not a short car trip away! The job market is bad there, housing is not abundant, and they moved to an area hit by Katrina. (?!?!?!?!) I know I'm an adult and perfectly capable of taking care of myself. I know. Spare me the lecture about the spoiled only child that I am (I didn't gain step-sisters until the age of 26). I've only spent a single Christmas without my Dad my entire life. I wanted Madison to have the luxury of extended family; something I didn't have being a military kid. I'm so, so sad.

I think I'll go browse I-Tunes for some upbeat music. Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.


New White Keds said...

I know it is not the same, but Ken and I would love to be extended family for Madison. And I know that there is a new baby in our neck of the wodds who would love a new cousin or two. So, while none of this will ease the adness of not having your Dad around, it is hearfelt and I hope it makes you realize that you are not alone.

Ken said...

Sorry about your Dad. I'm just getting used to having family around again. I will be spending my third consecutive Christmas with my folks. In fact, Amy and my mother have solidified plans for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

But on the extended family piece I completely understand. Amy and I were just talking the other day that it makes us sad that our kids and my sister's kids will not grow up together. Their "cousins" will be Jacob and Madison and Marshall. Their biological cousins will just be photos.

BeckEye said...

Hey, my Steelers are 2-6! From Super Bowl champs to the Bad News Bears of football. It's distressing.

Sorry you have to be away from the family at Christmas. There's nothing wrong with being a Daddy's girl. I'm one!