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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What's In My Head, Wednesday PM Edition

1. Rockstar: Supernova - I'm a little surprised at Ryan's departure, but I guess it had to be someone! I am not surprised, however, that Magni wasn't anywhere near the bottom three at all last night. I voted for him at least 6 times myself!

2. I joined the UNLV alumni association today. There were a few reasons, but the most attractive was the possible benefits for Madison when she goes to college. (Notice "when", not "if"). My mother didn't really make it an option to dismiss a college education, and I don't resent it one bit. She didn't force me, she just presented it as only logical decision. I think I'll be approaching the idea much the same.

3. There are more than our share of spiders around the house lately. I'm terrified of spiders. Must.call.bugman.tomorrow.

4. I'm really tired. Finally sleeping at night - but still making up for lost sleep. I'm heading to zzzzzzzz land.


An80sNut said...

I have actually been talking to someone about spraying the house. I'm thinking of doing it on Monday night 9/11 while I'm home watching football. Never thought of the alumni thing, could be useful. Haven't watched the episode yet (it's on the Tivo) but I can see why Ryan wouldn't make the band. He has shown a stronger personality on stage slowly and he's great behind a piano. He's a solo artist just waiting to happen (and I don't think that they want a piano mixed into their sound.) I actually think he'll do very well without the group.

Lily said...

I was really expecting Storm to go, but Ryan was the next best to leave. His antics on stage seemed so calculated to me.

Didn't care for Lukas' performance with Supernova, couldn't understand one word. Toby once again kicked butt.

New White Keds said...

Have not gotten into the SUpernova thing, and I am guessing it is too late now. But I love your commentary on it. Intriguing really.

College was not an option for me either -- it was an assumed. I think the assumption rout is a great way to go too. But good for you for thinking ahead.


JJ said...

I have always hated spiders. ALWAYS. Bleh. Hate em. Hate em. Hate em.

At one point in time, we lived in Pueblo West...chok full of scorpions, centepides & rattlesnakes. This one place we lived in was practically INFESTED w/centipedes. What would happen was, our neighbors (duplex) would spray & chase em to our side. We'd spray & chase em back. Finally the two sides got together & we finally whooped em.

But...this one time...a centipede got on my brother's bed...it was on his comforter. My mom was waking him up from school, saw it & freeked. She grabbed the corner of the blanked & gave it a little flik. Well, she sent the damn thing flying & it landed right on my brother's FACE!!! She then was slapping it off... Imagine waking up to that? I was downstairs & hearing BAM BAM BAM which was my mom bludgeoning the thing to death with a tennis shoe.

Ah, those were good times...lol.

Bugs. Who needs em?

Ken said...

Bugs = Icky. We are debating getting a bug man, but then hold off.

Sorry, we just haven't gotten into Rockstar.

Naps are totally underrated. You should take one right now, I think

BarBarA said...

I agree with Ken - take a nap. HA! I know how easy that is with a toddler.

Hope the bugman gets those icky spiders to leave you alone. Don't hate me - but I kind of like spiders. I don't like the fact that I like them, its just how it is :)

Nik said...

I wish college had been forced on me (and that I had/have the $ to be able to go). It's great that you're thinking that far ahead for her, hopefully she'll appreciate that as much as you did.

Sorry out your spider problem-hopefully you get it taken care of soon. They don't bother me, but my sis goes nuts when she sees any kinda bug, let alone a spider.

Wishing you some most excellent sleep (and then a bit more to catch up). Gotta admit, the people here are on to something w/ that whole nap thing. lol

LoraLoo said...

Martin: I couldn't live without the bugman!! We're on a first-name basis, I see him once every three months. I agree about Ryan, he will be better on his own.

Lily: Yeah, I don't think Storm will make the cut either, but she's gotten a lot better. I don't like the way Lukas sings 95% of the time, for the same reason - all words blur together.

Amy: I'm seeing the bugman next week. It's 2 weeks early for our regular visit, but I was hoping to see him like, yesterday?

JJ: I literally spit out my coffee reading your story. That was so.damn.funny!! Got a great visual on the whole scene!

Ken: Naps ARE underrated. I don't get many of them anymore. Ahhh... had I only known the beauty of naps when I was little.

Barbara: My in-laws love spiders too. I totally respect those without irrational fears of spiders - honestly, there are so many that won't hurt you, but my psyche doesn't get that.

Nik: I understand the $ and college. I have the student loans to show for it, that's for sure.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

I love your "What's In My Head" editions!



Vegas Princess said...

Ugh, I HATE spiders. I would not be able to sleep if there were spiders in my house. you are a brave brave woman. Call the bug man, NOW!!

Teri said...

You will have to let me know if it is worth it to join the UNLV alumni association. It is something that has never crossed my mind to do.