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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mtv 2006 VMA Review

I finally got a chance to watch the VMA's last night. I'd read all the day-after stories about it; Jack Black got some not-so-great reviews and overall I read it was dull. In the end it was dull only because it didn't have that one defining moment - no one climbing the set and refusing to come down, no Britney-Madonna kiss. Although when they announced video of the year and the guy "Six" who jumped up on stage was pretty funny - did anyone catch the look on Jennifer Lopez' face? Priceless. What was disappointing was it stole the moment from Panic! At the Disco for best video. They're home-grown (from Vegas), gotta give them props!

There were a few defining moments for me, and I thought I'd share them:

1. Justin Timberlake's performance was fantastic. I can't help it, I love this former boy-bander. I don't know why this new song is getting so trashed. It makes you want to move. I'd say he was successful in getting everyone to remember his catchy song, "Bringing sexy back" must have been mentioned throughout the night at least half a dozen times (and by Al Gore?!).

2. Pink's acceptance speech was hilarious - she has some of the biggest balls I've ever seen, and I love her for it. "Stupid Girl" has not earned her any friends in Hollywood, I'm sure; the best part is she couldn't care less.

3. What was up with that bit with the treadmills? It was so incredibly well executed - but I read afterward these guys, OK Go! are a band? They didn't sing. At least not live. I was a bit confused by the whole performance (not to mention Chris Brown's introduction was...lacking) but it was innovative and extremely entertaining.

4. I always wonder when watching Mtv award shows about censorship. What's going to be considered "too far" and what will people get away with? Here's what irritated me: Panic! At The Disco's performance was censored, in that they couldn't say the word "whore" (amongst other lyrics) from the original song. Um, Okay. However, there were open references to marijuana at least three times I noted, and at least twice the word F&*^ was bleeped, but it was quite clear by the facial close-up left nothing to the imagination. I think I'm just a bit confused?!

5. Al Gore. He was, for the first time I've ever noted, intelligent in speaking about global warming. 'Nuff said. I do find it ironic to see him on Mtv when his wife was one of the largest champions for music censorship in the 80's.

6. Axl Rose introducing The Killers? Anyone else see that?

Even though Jack Black clearly had some issues with his lines on a regular basis - I certainly didn't see this as the worst VMA show ever. It had some memorable moments, even if there wasn't one stand-out controversial news story.


Vegas Princess said...

I'm with you about the show being ho-hum. Justin blew me away but I always love him (even though hubby always reminds me he broke up the band!!). I chuckled a bit at Jack's intro but it was lacking something (and what was with Montell Williams?) I liked Beyonce's performance and have been singing that song ever since and was also perplexed by the cool but seemingly pointless treadmill thing. And could the people at MTV please get their live show act together. Way to may awkward pauses and tosses from the interviewers drove me INSANE (but that could be the TV person in me coming out). All in all, okay. I was happy about Panic! even if all these punk bands seem to be channeling the days of 80 glam rock with the makeup and odd outfits. I dind't find it interesting enough of a show to write about this year and was glad to see this post about it though! At least some cared enough! Oh and Kelly won (Yippie) but wasn't there (boo!).

Lucy Stern said...

Sorry, I didn't watch the awards. Can't comment on that.

Nik said...

I didn't get a chance to watch them, but then again, I lost interest in them, too. I don't understand how MTV can have a video awards show anymore when they rarely ever play videos anymore.
I'll prolly catch it eventually and check it out. I do agree w/ you on the Justin Timberlake thing, I don't even like his music, but "Sexyback" is a cool song, the beat makes ya wanna dance.

Lily said...

The VMA's are lame. Sorry for being so subtle. :)

All the performers come to the stage with an entire entourage behind them for no other reason but to try and out cool the last act.

The Brit-Madonna(-Christina) kiss of VMAs past was so staged and calculated that I was surprised how much press it got.

The Mtv Awards try too hard to be edgy and by doing so loses it's edge.