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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What's In My Head, Wednesday AM Edition

1. Rockstar: Supernova was a real surprise - everyone did a great job. Hope to see someone other than Magni in the bottom tonight (He ROCKED that Live song).

2. I need to get into a seamstress to alter my bridesmaid dress (bow on the butt not included).

3. I sent an email to my largest site informing them I won't be their network administrator anymore, and I'm getting some very sweet feedback. I'm moving on to other places, and gaining some large messes (someone noted I'm being punished for doing a good job). But that's a whole different post.

4. I'm traveling to Pahrump today, for the 4th time in one month. I actually really love road trips, but I'm hoping I won't be there again for awhile.

5. I can't believe school started again already... wasn't it just the end of May? I'm not looking forward to cooler weather.

6. I wish we could afford for me to work only part time. It's not even a spark of an option unless we won the lottery, but I can still wish.

7. I'm noticing this isn't much of a positive list. I think I'll go watch my Dane Cook Burger King Video again and move on with a smile. I hope you all have a fabulous day!!


Cyndiblock Talk said...

You are sounding kind of sad. My kids started school today. Including Emma who started kindergarten. I was a blubbering idiot.

JJ said...

I got me a plan for winnin the lotto. Uh huh. Turns out my almost 8-y/o is a good luck charm. Yeah the one who for the first 4 mos of her life did nothing but scream her head off. But I digress.

Her grandma took her into Albertson's the other day & bought a scratch ticket. She let C sctatch it off & she won $25 bucks!!! C also regularly (8/10 times) wins at those damn claw games...Soooo, tonight I'll take her with me to purchase my lotto ticket. Sounds like a winner, eh? LOL We shall see...

LoraLoo said...

Cyndi: I would be a blubbering idiot too! I hope when you pick her up she's full of stories and excitement for you.

jj: Yeah, sounds like a plan!! She's got some serious good luck if she can win that much on those damn claw games. Hope you strike it RICH. :)

BarBarA said...

I love hearing your thoughts even though you seem a bit frustrated. I hope to win the lotto too - but never but tickets its highly unlikely.

I'll watch that video later. I'm glad I can comment here again!

Lily said...

Rockstar was good last night, although I thought Ryans performance was a bit forced.

My girls start back to school after Labor Day, we are going to do a bit of clothes shopping this weekend, they ar already stocked up on supplies.

How cool does NV get?

Ken said...

So I take it you took Rockstar over Duets? We watched Duets. Kinda lame. Marie Osmond was annoying, and why they picked Little Richard was just bizarro.

Fred said...

Good luck with all the new messes. The corporate world can be so cruel.

LoraLoo said...

Barbara: I never buy lotto tickets either, guess we're both out of luck!

Lily: Ryan is the underdog to me. I like him well enough, but I don't think he's going all the way. I'm still betting on Magni or Dilana! Cold for NV is all relative - If you're back East than I'm nothing but a whiner. In my head, though - cold weather = cold/flu season.

Ken: Yeah, Duets was not attractive to me! I'm looking forward to Dancing with the Stars, as Emmett Smith is going to be on it!

Fred: Thanks - I am not in the corporate world but I am in Government, which is just as ridiculous (if not more, eh?).

Lily said...

"If you're back East than I'm nothing but a whiner."

-You totally cracked me up with this response. :)

An80sNut said...

Damn... bow on the butt and we don't getta see pics? A lot of great performances on Rock Star. I have to note that the final 6 is when they finally force you to think about each cut. The early ones were pretty obvious.

Vegas Princess said...

I am with you about number 6. I want to work part time too, but financially we could not afford it unless one of us hits the Megabucks at the Cannery (since it always seems to hit there...)