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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wednesday Update

GE is going to replace our dryer. All I have to say after all the crap I've dealt with regarding my overpriced dryer, Best Buy saves the day. If you didn't catch that rant last week, you can catch up here.

The other day Madison and I were driving home, and she began counting trees along the side of the road. "Did you just count to ten?" I asked her... and she did it for me again. When did that happen!? My baby is growing so fast - she can count to ten! I know I've said it before - but it is so amazing to watch your children soak up information like little sponges, and apply it in everyday life. We've been reading books, playing with learning toys and watching educational shows, and kids actually learn stuff from these things. My Mom always told me Sesame Street taught me the most amazing things before I started kindergarten, and I never quite grasped that until now.

Work SUCKS this week - it's like Murphy's Law is applying all day, every day - and it's only Wednesday. Hope it's going much better for the lot of you!

Amy - this is for you - every day that we drive by your building on the highway, Madison points to it and says "Ahmee, work".


Bar said...

Well good for GE! Its nice to hear something positive. I know what you mean about educational shows teaching kids, Keven learned a lot from those shows too. Just today I was having a full on conversation with my newphew, Wyatt (3 1/2 yrs) and suddenly realized "when did this happen? when did we suddenly start having full on conversations????"

I know sometimes its hard for us moms to let go of the early years, but believe me - every age has its special moments. They are all good!

Ken said...

Glad to see that GE/Best Buy is making things right. I know exactly what you mean about kids growing up very fast. I have three close friends that had kids within 5 months of each other back in 2000. They are all nearly 6, so I've watched them grow up. I have no idea where the time has gone...

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

How Cute!

My li'l smooth operator says the F word, then laughs as if it were a joke. ~sigh~


Fred said...

Sesame Street worked wonders for our kids too. (And Barney. We don't admit that.)

It's amazing how quick they grow up, isn't it? Next month, I have three in the same high school. I can't believe it.

Teri said...

Josh learned so much from Sesame Street. When he was 18 months old, we were playing with blocks that had letters on them and he just blurted out, out of the blue what each letter was. I was amazed because I never thought back then of teaching him the alphabet at such a young age. Now I know different and have already started reading to Jacob.

New White Keds said...

10! So grown up! So fast! SO FABULOUS!

Meow said...

That is so cute ... they grow up so fast. My daughter is 12, going on 16 ... scary stuff. When did she stop being a baby ??
Hope you are having a great week.
Take care, Meow

Nik said...

Yeah, your clothes don't stink anymore. lol I'm so happy to hear that they finally fixed your dryer. One less headache for you. That's awesome that Madison's learning so much and that she can count to ten already. My 5 year old nephew won't even do that! I know he knows how, he just refuses to let anybody know he's smart. It's so difficult to teach him anything, he's so stubborn. Sounds like you have a very bright little girl on your hands. Keep up the great work.
All I can say about work sucking for you is this: It's Friday!! woohooo

An80sNut said...

I still think that Sesame Street is a great early tool for children although I worry about characters like Elmo who doesn't seem to teach as memorable a lesson as Grover. I was pretty much an Ernie fan. He just kicks butt.

Great to hear that your troubles with that GE product resolved. Hate it when you pay for something and wind up staring at it with buyer's remorse at some point.

Way too cool seeing her count like that. Now you can tell her she can have 1 or 2 cookies (I'm starting to visualize the Count talking to Cookie Monster suddenly) if she's good.