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Monday, July 17, 2006

Weekend Update

It was a good weekend, despite the sweltering heat (113 degrees this weekend in Vegas!).

Sunday morning we had a BBQ at Floyd Lamb state park with some of my family. This park is less than two miles from my house - and I had NO IDEA how large it is. There are several ponds where there is fishing (not that I fish, but hey). There are a lot of birds - peacocks, geese, ducks 'n such - and a lot of picnic areas. We had a very early picnic; by 11:00 a.m. when we left, it was already sweltering. Madison had a really great time, but unfortunately I only have two photos; the camera took some horrible pictures. Here they are:

In the first there are two male peacocks that hung around us the whole time. Madison kept following them around; I suppose they're pretty used to people, because they didn't mind too much. Madison kept picking up feathers and blowing them to make them fly - she loves feathers!

Karl and I watched "Swordfish" last night. Why hadn't I watched this before, and why didn't I know Hugh Jackman was in this film? John Travolta is one of my favorite actors, and he didn't disappoint!

Hope you all had a good weekend too.


Cyndiblock Talk said...

Why did I think that you lived in Henderson?? Oh well, I live at the Lakes. We used to go to Floyd Lamb all of the time and we just stopped. I miss it. Right now it is just too hot and muggy to do anything.

Fred said...

Sounds like a good weekend. Mine was pretty good, actually, nice and quiet.

BarBarA said...

Hey, good to discover your local park has more to explore! 113 degrees is insane, it was about 103 here and I was dying. We have no a/c.

I'm going to check out Swordfish, I love JT too!

JJ said...

Hee hee, this is weird...one of my bosses just mentioned watching that same movie! I watched a bad 'un..."The Matador" w/Pierce Brosnan. Funny in like 2 places the rest...snore. (I actually fell asleep at one point!)

Picnic sounds fun 'cept for the heat! Guuh! We're due to see 100 tomorrow...yipe.

Ethel said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend!

Lily said...

113! And here I was complaining that it was in the 90's today. Gak!

Meow said...

113 ... goodness, that's hot.
Sounds like a lovely picnic/BBQ though.
Stay cool, take care, Meow