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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday Ramble

As usual, there’s a whole lot in my head, so I’m here to spew it all out.  Ewwww….

I became an aunt again on Friday.  My stepsister gave birth to a healthy baby boy.  I feel for this kid, and I’ll tell you why.  I’m an only child, a girl.  My Dad remarried to a woman who had three girls.  There were only two grandchildren until Friday, both girls.  See a pattern here?   He’s really cute with a head full of bright red hair.

We took Madison to our local zoo yesterday.  This is by no means a San Diego-like zoo, trust me.  It’s run solely off donations, and you can tell there’s not a lot of money as you walk around; it’s really kind of sad.  Madison had a good time imitating the monkeys and feeding the birds.  There was a male ostrich that really didn’t like Karl, I wish I would have gotten video of that.

Our dryer died last night.  Wouldn’t you know, the warranty on it just ran out in September.  We decided we’re just going to buy a new washer and dryer and take them with us when we move (we were going to leave all appliances with the house when we sell it).  It’s going to be an expensive afternoon.   Unfortunately I didn’t finish the weekend laundry before it died.  

I finally got to watch the Grammy’s last night.  I forwarded through most of it, I’m not a fan of award shows but did want to see some of the performances.  Madonna sure looks damn good for her age, eh?  But the return to disco is not an interesting recreation for her.  I also didn’t think it was a good transfer from the Gorillaz to her performance.  But what do I know.  I enjoyed the collaboration performances; i.e. U2 with Mary J. Blige and Jay-Z with Linkin Park and Paul McCartney.    Also – good for Kelly Clarkson, taking home two Grammys.  I think she is quite talented.


Fred said...

Congrats on the new addition to the family, Lora. I feel his pain, as I'm surrounded by four women. Every minute of every day.

Of course the warranty ran out in September. I think they design these things wih software that crashes the appliance a few months after the warranty runs out.

Grammys? Heck, I was watching American Idol.

Have a great week.

Bar Bar A said...

Conrgats on the new little guy in your lives. Little red-headed boys are so cute.

Loved your review on the Grammys. What a great idea to record it so you can speed through the boring stuff!!!

Bummer about the dryer...that totally sucks. I am living with only a downstairs toilet right now. What in the world did they do in the "olden days?" I am glad I was born in this era !!!

Matt said...

The dryer things sucks. I hate being hit with things like that. Did I miss a post, or did you guys just decide to move?

LoraLoo said...

Fred: I know, this little guy is in for a real ride.

I agree - they're all on timers for destruction. I blame the automotive industry, I think they piloted this project.

American Idol was the reason I had to tape the Grammys and watch them Saturday. :)

Barbara: Thank you!

I do prefer recording those things, but I had to avoid all the news about it the next day, which was kind of a bummer.

No kidding, what DID they do way back when?

Matt: We are planning to buy another house this year, but haven't actually done anything about that yet. Still in planning/negotiations with each other. :)

Ken said...

Sorry about the dryer issue. Appliances dying always suck. At least you'll get some new stuff. Amy and I were already planning on buying new appliances for the new house. Home Depot debt, here we come!

Nik said...

Aww congrats to your family on the addition of the lil guy. I wish him the best of luck with all the women around him. lol

Glad Madison had a good time at the zoo. I love going to the zoo.

Good luck with the new washer and dryer. Sorry that it broke.