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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Amazon Delivers!

I received new CDs in the mail yesterday!! I love coming home and finding my Amazon orders waiting for me much earlier than expected. Here's what I got: Better Than Ezra "Before the Robots", Nine Inch Nails "With Teeth" and Stone Temple Pilots "Core". I was seriously pleased with each of them on a first listen. NIN was one I wasn't sure about, but Trent Reznor delivered. I can't believe I didn't have "Core" before now. It's a classic and a must have for any STP fan. Better Than Ezra - I'm so glad they're still making music. I'm sorry to say this is my first BTE album, I love Kevin Griffin's voice.

Speaking of Trent Reznor, he is seriously HOT. Do you think he's really that dark all the time? He's probably high maintenance. Still hot.

Why is it that we're now in 2006 and all CDs do not show track names in those CD players that will read them? It can't be hard or costly to add a damn tag name when the CD's are made. Hello, music business? Are you listening? If I rip it from somewhere or someone else, it's pretty easy to do all by myself. So if you want me to buy them, get with the program.


Ken said...

I love getting good mail. Packages are the best! One of my clients sent me a GPS unit for the car. Way cool. I'm not going to comment on Trent Reznor, but I agree on the CD title thing. It's easy enough to do, so they should just add the tags.

Matt said...

Those are all solid CD's. Trent never did anything for me, but I've been told he's attractive. That has to be one of my favorite recent albums.

JJ said...

STP rocks...always has, always will imho. Trent Reznor & the new NIN disc...LOVE IT! That one is in heavy rotation in the car's disc player. Hee hee!

Bar Bar A said...

YES Trent is hot. I completely agree with you about the CD ripping thing where the titles don't show but it hasn't happened to me yet. I just bought a new CD (embarrassed to admit what it is here...ok, Train) and it did list the songs when I ripped it.

Are you watching the Grammy's tonight? Madonna has hot legs and I am very pissed off at how they gave David Bowie a well deserved award but skipped over it like it was nothing.

LoraLoo said...

Ken: Packages are the BEST! That's a pretty nice client to send you a GPS unit.

Matt: I'm glad I did decide on the new NIN. I was afraid it was going to be like "Downward Spiral" or some new evolution I wasn't going to enjoy.

jj: I saw STP in concert like 9 years ago. Scott Weiland is really great live.

Barbara: Hey, I love Train. I have their first CD. Their lead singer isn't hard on the eyes, either. I'm taping the Grammy's so I can forward through the crap.

JJ said...

I saw Scott too...maybe 5 yrs ago...STP opened for the Red Hot Chili Peppers...AWESOME friggin concert! Woo-hoo! :D

JJ said...

Er..make that 6 yrs ago? Whatever -HE ROCKS! lol

An80sNut said...

That's a great list of CDs, Lora. One disc that I had to buy was Better Than Ezra's Deluxe. Tremendous album, put it on your list. I also liked Core better than their other releases (I think it has something to do with "Sex Type Thing".) Too many really good songs on that one. Love NIN but I miss a lot of the technology that was employed on Pretty Hate Machine and Broken although With Teeth has some very strong tracks.

As for getting packages, I used to love it but I've noticed my mailbox open too many times that it actually scares me that someone will get them before me. Funny that you mention mail as today I received a few of my eBay purchases in (Morrissey's Vauxhall & I, Shalamar's Greatest Hits, Tom Tom Club's Dark Sneak Love Action and Primitive Radio Gods' Rocket.) I'm recently determined to finally purchase CD versions of all my cassettes.

Fred said...

I'm an Amason fanatic. I can get all I need, with no shipping, delivered to my door. Or, I could go to Wal-Mart and fight all those people.

Amazon wins every time.

Teri said...

I do not own any of those cd's.. maybe now is the time to check them out..

LoraLoo said...

jj: STP and Chili Peppers? Had to be a great concert. I'd love to see the Chili Peppers in concert.

Marten: You're still having mailbox issues? Wow. I should start buying some of the cassettes I had in CD format - but the doofus that I am, I got rid of all my cassettes. Music foul!

Fred: I couldn't agree more. Why bother with the crowds when you can get it to your door for free!

Teri: I do think you'd like Better Than Ezra, you should check it out.