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Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

It's cute, isn't it? Something to make everyone smile, even if you hate this holiday. :) Thanks Barbara (I stole this from her blog).

Your Candy Heart Says "First Kiss"

You're a true romantic who brings an innocent hope to each new relationship.
You see the good in every person you date, and you relish each step of falling in love.

Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a romantic dinner your sweetie cooks for you

Your flirting style: friendly and sweet

What turns you off: cynics who don't believe in romance

Why you're hot: you always keep the romance alive


Bar Bar A said...

Awwwwwww, that is a really nice "kiss"! Hope you and Karl have a romantic Valentine's Day!!!

LoraLoo said...

Thanks Barbara! Man I was hoping you hadn't read it yet, I remembered as I was falling asleep last night I hadn't given you credit. After all, I did steal it from your blog! (Something to talk about at my next blogaholics meeting, eh?) I hope you have a very Happy Valentine's Day too!

New White Keds said...

This was too cute! AND irresistable -- Mine said "cutie Pie. I hope you have a wonderful day full of all kinds of love, from Karl's and Maddy's to mine and more...

Ken said...

Hmm...I got Cutie Pie as well. Very interesting that Amy and I got the same one...we should get married or something.

JJ said...

Cute! Mine said "Hug Me - you are a total sweetheart..." Fun!

Bar Bar A said...

I cracked up at the comment you left me here! I get notified whenever you update, darlin' so beware :) I am sure I stole it from somewhere...I've had it for awhile and was saving it.

LoraLoo said...

Amy and Ken: Have you met yet? I think you guys would get along really great... indeed you might get married or something ;)

jj: Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

Barbara: You get notified when someone updates? Sweeeet! I'm going to have to find that for myself. I've got too many I check every day now, would be nice to know when to look.

Teri said...

This is really cute :)

Mine said- "Hug Me"

A total sweetheart, you always have a lot of love to give out.
Your heart is open to where ever love takes you!

Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a surprise romantic evening that you've planned out

Your flirting style: lots of listening and talking

What turns you off: fighting and conflict

Why you're hot: you're fearless about falling in love

Ethel said...

Aw, how cute. :) Mine was "hug me."

An80sNut said...

Mine said Cutie Pie:

You always seem to have a hot date, even though you never try to meet anyone.
A total charmer, you have a natural appeal that keeps you in high demand.

Your ideal Valentine's Day date: multiple dates with multiple people

Your flirting style: 100% natural

What turns you off: serious relationship talks

Why you're hot: you're totally addicting

--- very weird... I feel like killing fuzzy bunnies or something.

Nik said...

This was really cool. Mine said "Get Real"-- I can't remember what all it said, but I'm cynical when it comes to love matters and something about I don't just play hard to get, I am hard to get. As silly as those things can be, mine was pretty spot on actually. Thanks for the quiz.