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Friday, February 17, 2006

Go With Me

I had to travel to Pahrump again today, so I decided to take you with me on a pictoral view of my morning.

The drive out of town started on the far West of Vegas, here's a view of Charleston Blvd. West before you hit the Red Rock Canyon area:

I think this is a view I could look at every day, perhaps we'll have to look at houses up here. :)

Next we hit Route 159 that takes you through the Red Rock Canyon area:

Say what you want about the desert, that view is beautiful! Next I decided on a whim to take my own picture at the Red Rock lookout, so here's my moonface. Aren't I a bit too cheerful for 7:30 a.m.?

Next we turn on to Route 160. This is an extremely dangerous road; it has always been a treacherous stretch between Vegas and Pahrump but moreso now that development has grown must faster than traffic accomodation. I miss most of that, however, by using the Red Rock Canyon road. :)

As you descend into the Pahrump Valley, you realize quickly it's a dust bowl much like any other Nevada city:

I stopped on my way out at the Pahrump Valley Winery hoping to stock up a bit, but I was in town too early and they weren't open yet.

This is a view of the Spring Mountains you must pass through to and from Pahrump. The view is much prettier on the way back (pardon the glare on from my windshield)

All too soon, it was back to the reality of Vegas: lots of traffic and all things moving quickly (notice the sign for Frank Sinatra Drive as we pass by!) There's a Dean Martin Drive I pass by on my way back from Pahrump too, but the picture didn't turn out.

After all this excitement in the morning, it didn't end there! I ended my day with a toddler projectile vomiting cottage cheese and pineapple in my back seat half way home. You just haven't lived until this happens to you! Looks like we're in for another round of stomach flu. Let's just hope she's the only one in the house who catches it. I don't know if my little Hyundai Tucson will ever be the same. Let's hope a good detail takes care of it.

Have a great weekend!


An80sNut said...

Thanks for taking us on the trip. I haven't seen the winery in over a decade. B) I need to go out there again sometime. Moonface? hahaha Don't think so.

Bar Bar A said...

That was great! (except the vomit part, poor babies - her for getting sick and you for having to clean up).

It is so beautiful up there! I want to move there! Do people hate it when Californians relocate to their state? I feel like I am getting crowded out down here.

You, Lora darling - are LOVELY!!!!

Teri said...

Sick again, poor baby. Poor you for having to deal with it.

You made the drive to Pahrump sound lovely. What a creative idea to help with that long drive there and back.

Davydgrey said...

Winery -- Bunny Ranch -- boy Martin you have been everywhere in Pahrump!

LoraLoo said...

Martin: The winery was actually pretty unimpressive on my first visit but the tour wasn't bad. Still haven't eaten at the restaurant, I hear it's good.

Barbara: My pictures didn't even do Red Rock justice. In the morning when the sun hits the red rocks, it's breathtaking.

I think half of Las Vegas moved here from California. I can't say anything, Karl is from San Diego. :)

Oh, and thank you!

Teri: Thankfully her stomach was much better today, she kept food down even though her appetite wasn't robust until dinner.

You've been out to Pahrump before, right? The drive isn't bad if you bypass that whole Blue Diamond Road area.

Lloyd: I didn't even know the Bunny Ranch was out that way. How did YOU know? ;)

New White Keds said...

Hey, I took part of the drive with you! Nice to see where I have been... lol. I love cell phones!

LOVED the pic of you. Keep on keepin' on and much love to the littlest upset tummy!

Ken said...

Thanks for the trip from Vegas to Pahrump. I've never been, but it's on the list with Mount Charleston and some of the parks in Utah, oh and that one canyon in Arizona. Supposedly there is something grand about it.

Glad to hear Madison is feeling better but sorry to hear that she got sick in the car. That's never fun.

Meow said...

Thank your for taking us on the trip with you. The views were amazing. Your commentary on the way was most informative. However, the view in the backseat of baby vomit was most unsavoury !!!
You poor thing, there is nothing worse than vomit in a car ... eeewwww !! Hope you can get the smell out.
Love your blog, will be back to visit ... take care, Meow

JJ said...

That's AWESOME! I tried the same thing the other day but...I was drifting so much into oncoming traffic I figured a picture of the F250 that was about to slam into me head-on wouldn't be all that interesting. One day I'll figure it out tho..."Oh Coleman? Would you please be so kind as to drive me into work today?" LOL

(I'll send Coleman to help clean up that baby hurl.)

Nik said...

What a cool concept-- taking us with you. I gotta admit, I'm jealous of you. Those pictures are just breathtaking. It's such a beautiful place and the self-pic of yourself was too cute.

Hopefully your little one's feeling better and I'm sorry you had to clean that mess up. I don't know how you mom's deal with that. Just the thought alone is enough to make me sick.

*s* said...

awesome pics! I got to visit once... loved it there. We'll have to go back someday. :)