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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It's Only Tuesday

American Idol's auditions tonight were... okay. I'm thinking I'll be much happier when they narrow this down to the last 12. There were a few of the girls tonight that did a great job, but I've already picked my favorite: Katharine McPhee. Hope the guys are better tomorrow. I was unimpressed by most of the guys from the final 12.

Karl left tonight for training in Los Angeles. He'll be gone until Thursday night. :( Madison will be confused for a couple of days, but at least it's only a couple of days. I won't have to fight for blankets again until Friday! Karl has a horrible habit of rolling himself into a burrito when he sleeps during winter.

I settled down to watch AI with some sugar free Butter Pecan, only to take my first bite and realize the ice cream is bad. It was a new carton of ice cream, WTF?! No sweets fix for me tonight, no loss there. So here I sit with this cute cat curled up in my lap, thinking I should be long asleep by now.

On that note, I'll stop my senseless rambling!


Jen said...

I love that first girl who sang...what was her name, Madela or whatever. LOVE HER.

Teri said...

I also liked the 1st girl, the young one who sang "Midnight Train to Georgia" and the last was my favorite. Wow, what a beautiful voice she has. I can't stand the stupid country girl. The one the judges said has the likability factor. She just grates on my nerves.

Ken said...

We watched it last night as well. Mandisa, Paris and Katherine were fantastic. I also voted for the second girl because I like her story and want to see her go far. I felt bad for the girl that sang the Josh Grobin song. I bet she stays because Simon was mean to her, even though the performance wasn't that good.

LoraLoo said...

Jen: Honestly I didn't like Mandisa's singing too much last night (even though I am a Heart fan). Her personality, however, rocks. I think she's going to get to the next round because of it.

Teri: Paris was the girl who sang "Midnight Train to Georgia". Liked her too - I remember her audition, it was amazing. I think you mean Kelly Pickler (the country girl?) - I actually agree with Ken on this one, I was touched by her story and I want to see her do well. I don't like country music, so I may not be voting for her, but hope she succeeds nonetheless.

Ken: I do not care for that girl who sang the Josh Grobin song. Her voice is just not pleasant at all.

An80sNut said...

Sorry about the ice cream. That just shouldn't happen. It reminds me that I need to get some soon but I don't really find myself with much time to enjoy it. As for the burrito thing, I have that no pillow issue but usually don't like messing up the covers too much because I like to make it easy to make the bed later.

Bar Bar A said...

I cheat, I don't deserve the title of an AI fan because I wait till the final 12 are chosen to start watching the show. I just can't bear some of the awful singing!!!!

New White Keds said...

OK... Brenna has GOT to go! The attitude, the posing, the ugh! She is a Mikaila Gordon gone bad. Other than that, I agree with Teri. Kelly pickle-whatever is SO NOT one of my favorites. I would rather suffer through a season of Stevie Scott's opera than any more of her sad story and mediocre singing. Now, on the plus side -- Catharine McPhee and Mandesa are my two top runners. Mandesa rocked it.

LoraLoo said...

Martin: I ended up opening Karl's sugar free Rocky Road last night, so all was not lost until my next grocery trip. :)

Barbara: I can see why some wait until the final 12, some of these 24 hurt my teeth fillings!

Amy: It's funny because after talking with you about this already this morning and then reading it, I can so hear the attitude. LOL