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Sunday, November 07, 2004

We Did It

Good morning... it's the wee hours here in Vegas, and I'm still groggy with my first cup of coffee. I always wake up this early, it's before Madison wakes up and I can be Lora, not Mommy, for just a little while.

We did it yesterday - my husband Karl and I both traded in our trucks for Hyundais. I can't believe I'm actually driving one of those things - I had one wayyyy back in the early 90's, and what a piece of shit that was. Hyundai sure has come a long way. And what a deal we got there at Metro Hyundai here in Las Vegas. I was pretty surprised, even if Karl does work there. ALL car salesman suck, no matter who you are... am I right?

I'll post pictures of the cars later. It's still dark outside...LOL

The Cowboys play Cincinnati this morning. Let's all have a collective good thought about that, because my Cowboys need it. They're not living up to my expectations so far this year!

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