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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Discovered Three Things Today:

1. People who take up two parking spaces to protect their precious cars... Seriously? Park your fat lazy ass in the back of the parking lot where no one else parks, and walk. Really - everyone wants to run their keys down the side of your car.

2. Nearly my entire working life has been spent working for the gov'ment. I'm so far from private sector that I've completely forgotten what that pressure cooker feels like. Not that I don't have stress, cause I can assure you I do.... but it's a different kind of stress, and I find my situation the lesser of two evils.

3. I really need to figure out if I'm gonna do this blogging thing anymore. I know I've mentioned before that the instant gratification piece of my brain really loves Facebook and Twitter, so much that they've begun to dominate my online time. Can I find space for all of it? Sure, if I really want to.


JoeinVegas said...

Instant gratification? Slow down and enjoy things.

Fred said...

I'm with you on the Facebook thing. I'm not blogging much anymore becasue I love being able to scan my wall and catch up with everyone in fifteen minutes or less.

Jared said...

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Nik said...

I'm with you on the douches who park like well, douches. Makes me wanna block them in somehow, every time I see it.

As far as blogging, you keeping it gets my vote. Of course, my vote is for my own selfish reasons, since I'm finally able to play in Blogland again. lol I dig facebook and all, but sometimes there's things that can only be blogged about, ya know. Whatever you decide, I support you, albeit begrudgingly, if you bail on blog. :)

jiggins said...

I am in-between when it comes to whether i continue to blog or not. It depends on how I go about it I suppose. I am rarely even paying much attention to Facebook and Twitter.. it's just kind of over-load at times. Blogging, however, allows me to 'talk-out'the scenario for myself to work through it.. so I have been away, but I am trying to come back. If you stay, I will be here!~

Ford Focus Las Vegas said...

Some times people take up two parking spaces when they park not because they want to protect their cars but because they are bad drivers and can't get their car to line up with the lines. I know people like this. They just can't do it.