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Monday, September 28, 2009

No Flu Germs Allowed

I got my flu shot at the pharmacy yesterday... and wow, they've gotten good with these needles. I barely felt it - which says a lot, I have a needle phobia. I couldn't watch, but Madison was fascinated! She's too young to get her flu shot at the local pharmacy, so I'll be making an appointment with her pediatrician to have that done. I know it's controversial for some - but we get them every year in my house, I'm a total believer in the flu shot.

Now the H1N1 vaccination will be available soon - but I'm not quite sold on that yet. I'm not sure I'll be getting one for myself or for Madison this year. I realize it's a very serious flu, but I'm leaning toward the media has way overblown it. What do you think?

Do you get flu shots? Why or why not? Will you get an H1N1 vaccination? Here's more information on the H1N1 vaccination.


Christina said...

I don't get flu shots for myself, but I do for my son (age 4 now). I don't know about the H1N1 - I tend to agree that the media has blown it out of proportion.

Vegas Princess said...

I don't get flu shots, never had. So I asked a few friends of mine who are nurses and doctors. All of them said the same thing. Don't bother getting a regular flu shot but get the H1N1 this year. I am still deciding if I want to take their advice. I want to read up on possible side effects first.

Renee said...

I've only ever had one flu shot and it was because they were offering them for free at the clinic I worked at. Brent has had a couple, but it's not an every year kind of thing. I don't think we'll get the H1N1 vaccine, either. I agree with you about the media blowing it out of proportion. People die from the regular flu every year, too, but nobody cares about that, right? ;-)

Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

I used to get flu shots every year, but I haven't the past couple. I really should though, if I do get the flu then it has the tendency to develop into bronchitis and then walking pneumonia... which has happened about 5 times for me in the past and it is super unpleasant!

I'm still unsure on the H1N1... I do believe the media is overhyping it, but I also very strong believe in the power of suggestion. And if people are convinced they'll get sick from this, they're immune systems will probably be weakened and then they really will get some kind of flu!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Sorry I've been more of a lurker than a commenter. Good for you for getting it despite your phobia!