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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Cathedral Rock Trail

Madison and I went for another hike today... this time we decided to take on the Cathedral Rock trail up at Mt. Charleston. I read this is a "moderate" hike, and honestly, it is... but the entire trail up is literally uphill, so it's pretty strenuous. Madison was a trooper and only whined a little bit, LOL. Actually we ran into a couple of other hikers on the way up, one of them had to be in his late 50's, and he was agile as hell - and he was very friendly to Madison, so she was motivated to keep up his pace and get to the top. There were a lot of other hikers on this trail, and we got to talking to quite a lot of them today, as Madison felt it necessary to wish every single person we saw a good morning, and some even got an entire conversation, LOL.

Here are some pictures:

This is a view from about halfway up:

This is a good open view of the trail, but it had a good mix of forest trail areas too.

This is the payoff, right here - we got to the top of Cathedral Rock! We promptly sat our butts down for a few and had a snack, with this gorgeous view:

Maddy and I at the top... we made it!

I posted a bunch more over at Flickr, and added some over at Facebook as well. How was your weekend, internet?

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Vegas Princess said...

Look like a great hike! And you certainly had the perfect day for it today. :)

JoeinVegas said...

Gosh, so energetic!