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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zappos.com ROCKS

I think some free PR is always a good idea when I get really good customer service...

I ordered some school sneakers for Madison today on Zappos.com, and not really paying attention, I found that I'd opted for $25.00 overnight shipping... but too late, I'd confirmed the order. So I call the customer service number, and talked to this really nice lady named Marilyn, who noted I live in Vegas (Zappos.com is centralized out of Vegas). Not only did she refund me the $25.00 shipping fee, I'm still getting overnight shipping. Also, since I live in Vegas, she put me in the VIP club for Zappos, which always guarantees overnight shipping (if the order is placed before 1pm, but hey, even 2-day shipping for free is good). She was helpful, and pleasant, and she even giggled when I told her what a distracted dumbass I was when placing the order.

Yeah... I'll definitely be shopping at Zappos.com again!

As a sidenote, commercials on Nickelodeon are the devil and the downfall for all parents - your kids want EVERYTHING they see. This is how I got roped in to buying Madison Sketchers for school (I got them pretty cheap, but this is the most I've ever spent on a pair of shoes for her). She's pointed out on a daily basis that I own oodles of Sketchers, myself; in fact, 6 pair. Some have lasted me years, she also noticed. She's gonna be on the debate team, I think.
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jiggins said...

She's a clever one , that Madison!

My only experience is with the brief in carnation of a Zappos outlet on Maryland Pkwy.. and it didn't last becuase their selection was garbage! Your experience was pretty awesome though! I will check out the online store here eventually.. We all know how much I am online anyway!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Always good to hear positive stories about customer service!

Christina said...

she may outgrow them before they wear out. That's the problem with buying expensive clothes or shoes for kids is they don't fit long enough to get your moneys worth

Vegas Princess said...

I was going to mention about growing out of them before she wears them out. You can tell her your feet have stopped growing which is why you can have so many paris of shoes. :)