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Friday, July 31, 2009

What's On My iPod

Jody Watley - Still a Thrill I dare you to tell me you don't get the urge to get up and shake your groove thing when you hear this song. It's an extended music video, but she's such an amazing dancer, I couldn't not watch it. I have great memories attached to this song!

Airborne Toxic Event - Sometime Around Midnight The first time I really listened to this song, all I could think was "uhhh... Wow." What an intense story about the end, and the video is an excellent compliment.

Third Eye Blind - Losing a Whole Year - 3EB has been in heavy rotation again in my ears. This is not my absolute favorite 3EB song, but this is definitely a good one. Stephen Jenkins, the lead singer, has been no lower than #2 on my top 5 list for at least 12 years, heh. They've got a new album coming out 8/18...

Mase - Feel So Good - Definitely a head-bobber. Nice shots of downtown Vegas, baby!

Rehab - 1980 - This song is sooooooo catchy! I can't help but sing along, loudly!

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