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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Milestones of My Own

When I was pregnant with Madison, I gained 76 pounds. Yeah... that's no typo... 76 pounds!

I was never one of those lucky skinny girls that just breathes and loses weight. If I look at a piece of cheesecake long enough, I absorb it, LOL! Plus, losing the weight was something I just didn't take seriously after her birth, so I carried quite a bit of it around with me for a long time. A little over two years ago I decided to make a real change - for my health, for myself. I'm not a spring chicken anymore, so it had to be a real commitment - I had to do it the right way, and change my lifestyle for good. I have always been an active person, but not nearly enough. So I started with walking every night, which felt so good! This inspired me to start hiking, and I try to do that as often as possible (there are so many beautiful trails in Nevada), and it's now something Madison and I enjoy doing together. Back in March I bought a bicycle, and I've been riding that more and more as well, which breaks up the walking and keeps it all interesting.

As far as my "diet", I don't really consider it a diet anymore - I've been avoiding refined sugars and flour for the most part, and it's become a lifestyle. Sure, I do eat some carbs every day (sometimes bad carbs too, just today I had a Wendy's chicken sandwich for lunch), but as a rule I stay away from breads most of the time. Hell, just avoiding sweets in general and sticking with the daily exercise has allowed me to eat things I really miss once in awhile without gaining any weight back. But, since this has been a two-year ordeal so far, and a habit, I find I don't miss those foods much anymore (except the sugar, who wouldn't miss sugar?). I also don't drink much alcohol anymore - but I do still keep a good beer in the house and enjoy it once a week if I feel like it! (It makes me a cheap date when I go out hell-raising, LOL, I've lost all of my alcohol tolerance.)

I still have 13 more pounds to go - and it may take a month, or three... but I'll get there!! I was at a plateau for months until I really started cycling more, so I'm thinking that's making a difference. I have one more size to go!
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Jen said...

Congrats!! That's a big accomplishment. I've been doing the fitness walking for years, usually 5 times a week, so it's also just part of my lifestyle now, but the problem is that my body is USED to it now, to 30 min at a time just isn't doing anything anymore. I need to vary my activities and shake things up, too (or suck it up and walk longer, lol).

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jiggins said...

I did alot of this personal change when i was about 29.. ish.. and it's taken 3 years.. but i keep getting better and better at it. (though i didn't have a baby, as far as i know..) This year I have leaned towards more natural supplements and as raw and fresh food as possible.. you know most of my story.

You are doing something great for yourself and that is awesome! Don't let the occasional Wendy's sandwich or sweet get you down.. if you want one, don't deny yourself.. just have less of it.. eventually your progress will be your motivation to cut back on that stuff. You know where I am if I can ever help with detoxing stuff.. nothing body-altering.. just basic things to help clean out your system.. which in turn will cut some cravings, and give you faster, longer-lasting results without killing yourself. I think you are on the absolute right track though.. as long as you are doing it.. you are doing it right. Looking forward to the progress reports!