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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I will just come right out and say it... I am addicted to Facebook. LOL! It appeals to my short attention span and my tendency to be visually stimulated, it's very "busy" and it's sooooo easy to connect with old friends, acquaintances, family (pretty much everyone!). If you're interested in connecting with me via Facebook, send me an email here.

What I am doing, however, is spending more time over there than I am over here. I could blame it on Farm Town, cause damn that is time consuming when you don't sit down and do absolutely nothing very often. But that's not entirely true; I am enjoying the chatting, writing all over walls and looking at everyone's posted photos too. I also haven't been watching much TV (especially the news), because well, it's depressing, and I get most information from the Internet when I want it. I'm missing current event topics that I used to write about all the time. Maybe I need to just scan Google news a bit more. :)

Twitter is also a bit of a distraction from my blog, as well. Instant gratification is what that's all about. I post many of my day's events over there, sometimes taking away from what I might write about on the blog. BTW, my Twitter page is here

It really is all about finding balance, isn't it? Surely I still have plenty of interesting things to talk about, and I have no intention to stop blogging. :)
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jiggins said...


..between Splitting Tens, Continuum, facebook, and the bevy of other social media habits I have.. I am not sure what is going on where, and what is being updated by how. It's a whirly-gig of social-media and online addiction. It's still what I like tho... and as for t.v. .. well you may know I don't watch it much.. but I will catch a flick on Netflix or on Hulu.com every now and then.

who's gonna stop me .. huh?! haha.

Jessica said...

I've been doing the same thing lately! :O I miss blogging. lol

LoraLoo said...

Jiggins! I laughed when I read your comment, cause I'm socially connected in so many of the places you are. So yeah, I know you are hearing me! But you have more than one blog... my head would be spinning! I know you're not much of a TV watcher, either - and I love catching movies too!

Jessica, yeah - I'm missing the blogging more too.

PastriesNotPasties said...

I love the instant gratification too! TweetDeck for Twitter enables one to quickly evaporate 2 hours of your time. I agree that I too have not abandoned my blog but have just focused my energies elsewhere but will make a commitment to try and blog more since there is definitely a lot going on in my life too!

Christina said...

i've been doing the same lately, more facebook, less blog time. I don't intend to quit blogging either though!

Vegas Princess said...

I do all of my Twitter and Facebook from my phone which works somewhat well. Although I don't get all my updates or tweets I should which is the one draw back. But I barely go on the sites themselves which I think helps me from getting sucked into their vast time consuming holes.