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Monday, June 15, 2009

No Longer a Phantom Noob

Saturday night I had a new experience... I saw Phantom of the Opera with friends Amy and Jennifer. Girl's night out - not a new experience, but this type of show? Definitely a new experience. I'd like to think I'm not all that culturally sheltered - but I've never seen a Broadway show or even the Los Angeles equivalent! (I do believe I can hear Vegas Princess gasping in horror.) I'm almost ashamed to admit I didn't even know this particular storyline, I had no idea what to expect (I guess that made me a Phantom Noob).

So the Venetian Hotel and Casino here in Las Vegas built their own theater for the production, and I found it gorgeous! The stage was very ornate but unlike other Vegas productions I've seen. Hey, I grew up here with the magicians, the cheesy lounge acts... the showgirls. This is soooooo different. I think I had an advantage in not having seen it before - I hadn't those Broadway expectations? I don't know that Vegas has truly proved itself worthy to some. (Personally, I think this town is big enough for it all - the magicians, cheesy lounge acts, showgirls AND Broadway productions, not to mention all the kickass concerts we get.) I loved the stage mechanics - the scenes were seamless, the sets were beautiful and the costumes were breathtaking!

I do enjoy a good musical, but honestly it's not my favorite genre. The singing was very well done and for the most part I caught all the words, and if there was a little I missed, I got the gist of the scene. But the words - the words are so important to me. I'm the one who reads all the lyrics in the sleeves of my albums. :) So during those scenes were they're singing over each other? I had issue with that. You can't tell what one of them is saying! So I've ordered the paperback edition from Amazon, because now I feel the need to know this story.

In the theater you see the famous chandelier in pieces, hanging from the ceiling - and they make this big deal of it when the show starts, and I remember Amy noting the chandelier more than once, so I had this sense that the chandelier played a large part in the story. In the end, not so much? I kept waiting for this crescendo taking us to the point of the chandelier... and if it came, I missed it. LOL

Don't get me wrong, I was entertained, and I am always up for new experiences. It was girl's night, besides - and you just can't go wrong there. After reading the story I should see it again; perhaps I'll get more out of it. My favorite scene? Definitely the masquerade!

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New White Keds said...

I love you soooooo much! Masquerade is my very favorite scene as well... but hten again I adore the first time he takes her to the underground for the Music of the Night... oh so much wonderment!

I am glad we got to share that "first". And you looked so pretty in your dress!

JoeinVegas said...

See if you can rent the 1943 Claude Rains movie (no singing) to get an idea of what it originally looked like before Andrew Lloyd Webber got hold of it.

Christina said...

I have never seen Phantom either - now I want to!

Vegas Princess said...

I adore Phantom, but even as a seasoned Broadway viewer I too get frustrated when they all sing over each other all at once. So don't feel bad! :)

Surprsingly enough I have yet to see Phantom. Maybe because I hate how the Strip casinos butcher the shows down to 90 minutes with no intermission (Mamma Mia was the one exception) As someone who has seen the show several times as it SHOULD be seen in its entirity I don't like the idea of the show being shortened. However, Andrew Lloyd Webber did this one himself so it probably is okay. :)

I am glad you liked it! Now, once that theatre is built in 2012 we'll have to get you to some more shows. I'll be happy to join you.