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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Update

Last night we went to a surprise birthday party with a luau theme...there was a lot of food, a lot of alcohol, and quite a few cheesy Hawaiian shirts. Even saw some grass skirts, which impressed me, cause it's still chilly when the sun goes down! We had a fabulous time, and still made it home before 11 pm. Madison didn't even crash until we got home, but I think that might have been due to the 3 chocolate cupcakes she managed to eat whenever I wasn't looking.

This is me and Dad...

This is Teresa - she brings out the Woo Girl in me! We really are trouble when in the same room.

Today was a very busy day - all kinds of errands and things to get done. I also tried a new experiment with Madison today. She's been begging me for this Thumbelina Barbie for weeks, so this morning I told her that she could earn it. I started really small, cause she is only four, but I also just wanted to see if this was going to work... so I had her clean up her things from the living room, pick up her playroom, all to my standards and no whining - and if she could do that - she could have the Barbie. Well, it definitely worked, so I'm running with it. Being an only child, she gets pretty much anything she wants, but I want her to understand the value of earning. Yeah, she's a little young for the weekly chores, so I'll just have to wing it for now, and I'm ok with that.

So now that the weekend whizzed by, I'm more tired than when it started, I should be in dreamland pretty soon! How was your weekend, Internet?


Vegas Princess said...

I love luaus! (Did I spell that right?) Looks like a lot of fun. And everyone needs a little Woo Girl now and then. :)

What good values you are instilling in Madison. She will cherish that Barbie even more since she earned it.

Linda S. Socha said...

Great photo with you and your Dad...The party sounds like a lot of fun~
The weekend here was great. We had a monthly poetry club meeting...loads of fun and food and wine and a bit or poetry thrown in

Randy said...

I love cheesy Hawaiian shirts. I think we should all wear one at least once a week, they are AWESOME.

You're tougher than me...my girls just had to give me "the eyes" and I'd cave...I'm so weak when it comes to them LOL

Teleolurian said...

I almost got raped by a giant bee.