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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Weekend Update

Saturday was a Maddy and Mommy day... we decided in the afternoon to go roller skating. Now the last time Madison went roller skating, she was really getting the hang of it and actually started to enjoy it (Madison has a negative patience, so if she can't master something quickly, she's angry and moving on). So we are working our way toward the rink, skates on, and she falls. She goes to get up, and falls again, almost taking me down with her. That was it, she was done. Sigh. So I convince her to go around once - it was a most painful lap around the rink - and we left. I was pretty pissed I'd just spent $18 for ten minutes... but what can ya do. We did make it over to the car wash too - I noticed I have a blue car! I'd almost forgotten since it had been so dirty for so long.

Saturday night I stayed up way too damn late (2 am), there is never enough time to do all the things I want to do after Madison gets to bed. I could have slept in this morning, but with the time change, I figured it was not a wise idea. I have enough issues falling asleep at night as it is, so being sleepy tonight might help me actually get to bed on time.

Today Madison and I went up to the neighborhood park, it was such a beautiful day outside. She just starts climbing up this tree, which struck me kinda funny - I've never seen her climb a tree? She was quite the natural! Anyway, she climbed the tree because it was covered in beautiful pink flowers, and she wanted to pick some for me. All of a sudden she comes flying out of the tree screaming "Beeeeeeeee!" and running faster than I thought was possible for her little legs. Once I calmed her down and realized the bee didn't sting her but simply chased her away, I started laughing. If you could have only seen how fast she moved and how she was thrashing about as though 20 bees were chasing her.

We made it to a birthday party this afternoon for one of Madison's little friends, and then all of a sudden it was her bedtime... this day moved so fast!! Don't get me wrong, I love the Spring Daylight Savings, cause I'm all about the sunlight, but this first day feels like it lasts a whole 30 minutes. That loss of an hour is strangely significant.

How was your weekend, Internet?
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Vegas Princess said...

So really you were up until 3 Am, right? Gotta love Daylight Saving Time. :)

Gini said...

I have never heard the term - negative patience and that pretty much somes up my middle son. WOW. I'll have to use that phrase! Not only is he like that at all things sports - he's like that at school. Which is probably not a good thing. My kids have never really climbed a tree - not too many around here huh??

JoeinVegas said...

Beeeeeeeee! I can just picture it. We've got a million in our rosemary bushes. We planted more flowers.

jiggins said...

hahaha.. I am sitting here laughing at teh visual of her running like you said with her arms flailing and screaming about the bee! So funny, very cute.. hilarious.

I remember Twitter's coming through from you around 2 am Saturday - and I was thinking.. what is she doing up!? Funny stuff.

Nik said...

Negative patience, lmao! Sucks that skating didn't go so well this time. You so shoulda had the video camera running for the bee swarm scene. Too funny!