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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Movie Trailer - Big Man Japan

Big Man Japan

Check out this trailer ... Coworker S. showed this to me today, and I had to watch it twice just to be sure I actually saw what I thought I saw. This is funny, crazy stuff... can't wait to see it!


Randy said...

I love the Japanese. They make some of the most off the wall shit....but it doesn't always suck.

Nik said...

Wow! That was uhhm yeah. Good stuff. lol

JoeinVegas said...

Those are some creative monsters.

jiggins said...

What did you think you saw? What the HELL was that? lol.. Eerie and weird right?.. great CG tho for a seemingly low-budget flick. I love the beast that had the comb-over.. hahaha... What I am resisting, is watching it again.. wow.

VW: "chesse" - it's how I spell CHEESE when I am typing too fast!