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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Weekend Update

The weather in Vegas was, and still is, pretty wet. It's been a nice change! Too bad, however, the colder temperatures came with these storms, I was getting used to those balmy 70 degree days. Since it was so wet and cold out, we stayed home and indoors most of the weekend, but I got quite a bit accomplished. The taxes are filed, bills done, checkbook balanced, and some small spring cleaning things got done (i.e. junk drawers cleaned out), and that was only Saturday!

Last night I watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. I have to admit my initial attraction to this movie was the idea that music was involved... and I'm glad I watched it, as music was a big theme inside this movie, but it was just a good warm and fuzzy flick. By warm and fuzzy I mean romantic comedy or perhaps a teen movie, not "chick". I noticed there were quite a few 80's songs featured in this movie, which stood out to me, as this was not a movie set in the 1980's. I've also grown really fond of Michael Cera, I have yet to be disappointed by any of his films. Do you think he'll sign on for the Arrested Development movie? I don't know that it would be the same without him.

Today Madison and I went and bought flowers to plant, and painted a couple of planters to put them in on the back patio:

The one on the left is mine - I'm not an artist, so don't judge me, LMAO.

Hopefully we'll be more successful than we were in the Fall with plants, I managed to neglect and/or kill everything we planted back in September. Not only am I a bad artist, but I also have a black thumb... but I keep hoping my luck will change!

Right now there's chili cooking on the stove, all the household chores done...life is good. How was your weekend, Internet?

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Linda S. Socha said...

What a precious event! Love it. This is a great idea.

Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

Each year I buy a dwarf meyer lemon tree to plant on my patio, and each year I kill it! Wishing you better luck than I have!

I have 'Nick and Nora' on my Netflix list. Can't wait to see it!

Vegas Princess said...

I love the pots, so colorful!

I wish I could say I used the stormy weather to be as productive as you but alas I found myself reading and gazing out at the rain all weekend long. Not really. :) I had to work, bah!

New White Keds said...

I just want your promise that when we have kids, you will teach me how to be such a fun mom!

Jessica said...

ooh, I'm jealous sounds like you got tons done this weekend. :) Cute project btw.

I'll have to check out Nick and Norah's.

It was nice and sunny here this weekend, but ironically I spent most of my time inside.

Nik said...

I'm surprised someone like you even HAS a junk drawer. If it weren't for my sister's crap, there'd be no junk drawer at my house. But kudos on having a clean one. lol Madison looks so intense painting her planter. Hey, if you kill these plants, at least the pots they're in look cool.

Molie said...

I watched "Step Brothers" & "Iron Man" this weekend. Really enjoyed Iron Man. I also have Nick & Norah but will watch it this coming weekend.

Cera is awesome and if he doesn't do the AD movie...well that would be a "huge mistake." ;)