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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Update

My niece Breana stayed with us for some of the weekend, and I was so glad when she arrived, because Madison talked about it constantly for a whole week. We took the girls for lunch and I gave them a choice to go bowling or roller skating, they agreed on bowling. They have these strange ramp things to help the kids bowl and the girls used it - I thought it was kinda cheating (I mean, I learned to bowl without props) but it did move the games along a bit better. We did two games but one would have been enough - the girls got bored by frame 3 of the second game. If only I could bowl in real life like I do on the Wii!! My average Wii bowling score is about 190, but my average at the alley was only 130. Not to mention the tight glutes I had on my right side this morning, LOL... that doesn't happen with the video game! The picture below was myself with the girls at the bowling alley, it was all I could do to get them to sit still for this.

Today was a chill afternoon at home after Breana left, Madison was pretty mellow since they did some serious Robo-playing all morning. Tomorrow I have an extra day off for the holiday, Maddy and I are going on another hike. We're going to take a much longer trail this time (2 miles, she's only ever done 1). I love that she enjoys the hiking, it's precious Mommy and Maddy time. Pictures to follow!

How was your weekend, Internet?


jiggins said...

Lately, at least for the last few weeks, my weekend has been split into 2 days. Sunday and Wednesday.. while i am not happy with that particular arrangement.. i deal with it. Sunday is my day to decompress and do the things I like to do & Monday is usually the day that the chores and bills get done and paid - which is now switched to Wednesday.

I keep telling myself I am just happy to have a job! :) I did, however, get a chance to go see The Conservatory at the Bellagio - i posted on it at con·tin·u·um and some more of the pics @ re·[frac]·tion. I think you already visited. It was cool. I had gone last week to check it out, but it wasn't complete yet. Back to work tomorrow. See you on the next post!

Nik said...

Dig the self-pic, very cute. Bowling's only fun in small doses. I don't know how anybody can do that for more than a game or two. Happy hiking!

JoeinVegas said...

perhaps you can do more real bowling - work those glutes.

LoraLoo said...

Jiggins: Sorry about those split days off, I imagine that isn't such a good deal. I do understand about the happy to have a job part, however!

Nik: Adults bowling requires beer. The more beer, the more games you do. LOL!

Joe: No kidding, apparently what I'm doing already doesn't quite use whatever muscle that was!