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Monday, January 19, 2009

Pine Creek Canyon Trail

Madison and I decided to try a new trail out at Red Rock Canyon today - Pine Creek Canyon trail. It's a 2.9 mile round trip trail, but we only did about 2 miles of it. It was absolutely beautiful out today!! Madison handled it rather well, besides her being busy looking everywhere except where she was going. We came across a lot of people today - but no other small kids Madison's age, and that kind of surprised me. It really was a pretty easy trail, besides one quarter mile stretch that was pretty uphill.

See the shorter point in the middle? That's where we were headed. The trail follows the trees you see on the left.

Madison picked up a stick on the trail and kept waving it at shrubs and trees like she was dusting them. When I asked her, she stated she wasn't dusting the trees, she was tickling them.

On this trail there's an old homestead, there are some basement walls and a foundation still. That was a pretty cool find. This picture below is the view from behind the homestead - I can totally see why someone would want to settle here.

I have pictures of the homestead as well as all the others I took on today's adventure, at Flickr.

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Teleolurian said...

I want to go hiking, but it is too totally freezing, forever. I think. Awesome trail pics tho.