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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Weekend Update

Boom BloxImage via WikipediaThe holidays are over... the long weekends are over! Users will be back at work, pounding on their keyboards, breaking stuff, and the networks need me back. I am pretty good with the going back to work part, cause I like my job 'n all, but my sleeping pattern is all jacked up, so I should be a wee bit comatose for a day or so. I was liking this up until at least midnight stuff.

We rented this game for the Wii called Boom Blox, a game of strategy and physics developed by EA Games and Steven Spielberg. Basically, you're presented with various puzzles and have to either knock down blocks or prevent blocks from being knocked down, and there's a single player or co-op mode. We are absolutely addicted. It's actually not a bad game for Madison either, but she's better at the knocking down puzzles, LOL. I was up last night until 1 am playing that damn game! The graphics aren't bad being a Wii title. If you've got one, check it out.

We took Madison roller skating today - and we've achieved balance!! She was really walking on skates more than skating, but all in good time. In true form, she quickly moved to not wanting any help whatsoever, and only fell on her butt about 3 times. Yay! I am secretly hoping she totally gets into skating so I have a reason to go... I really enjoy it. :)

Madison has a dentist appointment in the morning that she's dreading. Hopefully it won't be much of a big deal once we get there. I do and I don't understand her fear... her last experience with this dentist went sooooo well, and she's never had anything but a teeth cleaning, but hey, I still dread the dentist.

How was your weekend, Internet?
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Vegas Princess said...

I am all about a new Wii game to try. Although I don't need something else to get addicted to. :)

Linda S. Socha said...

Nice post...I fear mine was not as fun as yours sounds but I did like just doing whatever I wanted to do...if not much productive....for days on end.

JoeinVegas said...

Maybe you should buy that one so you can continue to perfect your score.

Nik said...

Hope your week isn't too hellacious. Jacked up sleep, not cool, but at least you had fun. That game looks cool, but my nephews aren't interested, so I'll prolly never get to play it. We're having fun w/ Skate It and GHWT right now.

Dentists just suck, regardless of what's going to happen while you're there.

Ken said...

Hope the dental appointment went OK. Our weekend didn't suck. We went to Camacho's at Aliante Station. It was OK, and then went to a friend's house on Saturday night and that was fun.

I'm totally not looking forward to a full work week this week. Blech.