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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Publicity is Not Always a Good Thing

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I just read an article where the Dallas Cowboys are doing a reality show... you can read about it here. I know Jerry Jones is a publicity master, and he thinks tabloid items and drama surrounding his team are a good thing (that old saying about any publicity is good publicity). I have to admit this idea really does nothing for me, for two major reasons:

1. I dislike pretty much all reality TV. The genre has really played itself out already. Let's get back to writing good stuff, not writing reality show scripts and trying to play it off like it's "real".

2. There are a ton of college football players who have literally worked their asses off trying to get to the NFL. Why should a reality show winner get a chance some young men NEVER get (even though they might deserve it)?

Come on Jerry Jones - fix the problems you already have, and let the team make their own publicity, by WINNING, sheesh.

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jiggins said...

Well as with anything we do in this country, it is about the numbers - and by that I man the moolah.. the cash.. the dough.

He is just trying to get more people to watch, to get more money for the team and publicity.. in the end - he feels that all publicity IS good so yeah, he will be happy with the outcome, whatever it is.

You are right tho - I am sick of reality shows too... except for maybe a couple. Lol.

Christina said...

I must admit I do watch some reality shows, but the market is already saturated, we don't need any more. especially one by the Dallas Cowboys!

Nik said...

I read this last week and thought to myself, "Yeah make even more of a joke outta this team". lol

I hate all reality tv as it is, but this one takes the "bad idea" cake!