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Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Biggest Fear

I have just walked in to Madison's classroom to pick her up, and I've stopped to talk with one of her teachers, and it happens... a little boy starts puking his guts up before my very eyes.

In a fraction of a second I'm imagining all the surfaces Madison shared with this little boy all day long. Inside I start to freak out, because I am the epitome of germaphobe. Look it up, you'll see my picture. Now I know kids get sick. I also know they sometimes get sick but still come to school. If I don't see it, I'm good... I can live in denial; As soon as I see the kid with green snot walking around or there's some kind of flu exposure notice on the door... I start counting incubation days. How long until I know that none of us will come down with it?

I've gotten a lot better since becoming a parent. Seriously, ask anyone. But I do still have antibacterial wipes everywhere I go!
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BeckEye said...

The one thing I always see parents doing that I think I could NEVER do is wipe their kids' snot with their own sleeves. That just makes me want to hurl.