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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hooked on Office

Coworker S. has been bugging me for three seasons now to watch The Office. I'd seen one episode, "Diversity Day" and thought it was pretty funny, but never really got around to watching it. Well I finally gave in and watched the pilot, then the next three episodes in a row, and that's when I realized I was hooked. I just can't stop laughing! So today I got to the episode "The Carpet", from season 2, and this whole Jim and Pam thing is just killing me. I have to know what happens! Oh, and what woman isn't crushing on John Krasinski? (Image from fresnobee.com)

Guess what I'll be watching on the treadmill tonight?

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Randy said...

The Office RULES!!! How can you not have been watching it all along? Things like that can get your HWMD card revoked!!

New White Keds said...

You know, you keep this up, and I am going to have to follwo suit and watch it too. STOP THE INSANITY!

Nik said...

I'm an Office freak! I've loved that show from the jump. Even have the dvd's. I love all the different relationships within the office setting (not just the dating ones). Jim and Dwight's interactions crack me up. The Jim and Pam thing, yeah, it's enough to drive ya nuts, still. Some episodes leave alot to be desired, but all in all, funny stuff. Glad you finally gave in and enjoyed it.

JoeinVegas said...

I like the back people, but not the guy that's the boss. Just too much like some I've had before.

Angi said...

Ruben got me HOOKED on the Office. We own all 3 seasons and DVR the new episodes since Ruben can't always watch it when it airs. We like Dwight he's hilarious! Though Jim is damn cute! I'm thinking of getting Ruben a Dwight bobble head for his desk - but if I did it right, then I would get him a bobble head of himself, yeah?
I've watched a few episodes of Kath & Kim, and while it is funny in some ways, I don't think it will ever replace Office!

BeckEye said...

You will like my latest blog picture, then. :)

"The Office" is a great show. I couldn't get into it in the first season, but then everyone talked about it so much, that I tried watching again in Season 2 and I got totally hooked.

Vegas Princess said...

LOVE HIM! He is so hot! :)

I used to not watch The Office. I used to think it was dumb even though I had never seen an episode. Then I watch one show and was hooked. Had to get Season one and two and start from the beginning and now I never miss it!