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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Weekend Update

I thought this was going to be a pretty chill five days off, and I was wrong, but in the busy goings this weekend it was a pretty awesome time.

Thanksgiving was a great day... we had a bunch of family here for the afternoon. There was a lot of food, man there was a lot of food. Did ya see my Cowboys kick some Seahawk ass? Did ya? I didn't see nearly as much as I wanted to but everyone in the living room gave me play updates so I didn't miss the highlights. After we all stuffed ourselves on holiday dinner goodness, we broke out the Wii and burned a few of those calories. Here's a picture of Madison's aunt Toni with my nephew Benjamin:

Friday we all recuperated and cleaned up from the festivities... it was the one day we didn't do a whole lot. I did, however, buy myself a Christmas present - Best Buy had seasons 1-3 of The Office as an online Black Friday special at 14.99 each. They shipped out this morning. :)

Saturday for most of the day we hung out at the in-laws for more holiday festivities and then met some of my family at Opportunity Village's Magical Forest. If you've never been, you should really check it out. There are a lot of kids running around, but the displays, lights and sounds are beautiful and really gets you in the holiday spirit (not to mention the money goes toward a fantastic cause). Here's a couple of pictures:

Above is a pure sugar-induced cheese grin after Madison discovered how yummy funnel cakes are.

This is a picture of my niece Breana and I riding the train. The line was pretty long for this ride for it was well worth it.

Today I got the car washed, did the grocery shopping and started my Christmas cards. We were going to decorate the house for Christmas today but got lazy and decided to wait until next weekend. I love the house when it's done but it sure takes a big chunk of your day. It was easy as hell to talk myself out of it, but I know now that all week I'll be thinking about how it needs to be done.

Right now I'm watching Madison play Wii Music, she's got a band supporting her while she's mastering the Xylophone. Have you seen the commercials for it? It's pretty easy for any age and she's totally digging it... but I'm still holding out for Guitar Hero World Tour for PS3 to get my groove on. We finally got a game rental membership to try before we buy games, we've learned our lesson after spending lotsa $$ on games we didn't like. It's also hard to judge what games are appropriate for small kids, so this helps.

As usual, there are pictures to see at Flickr!
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