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Friday, November 28, 2008

Astounded and Disgusted

This is a sad example of our society, and incidentally why I hardly ever watch/read the news:

Walmart Employee Trampled to Death

Do we all know someone who would do this... take part in tearing doors off the hinges at a Black Friday sale? I sure hope I don't.

Did you partake in the sales this morning? If yes, did you experience any frenzy? Any crazy shoppers? I stayed in bed this morning until 8am, there was no way I was going shopping this morning. I'm about 75% done already, yay!

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jiggins said...

No trampling customers for me, thank you very much! I was just writing in my blog, about I am doing much of the shopping on-line this year.. if not all of it.. Last night on 'Black Friday Eve..lol.. I did about 65% of my shopping in about 40 minutes.. gotta love that!

Ok Seriously:
VW: hamught

LoraLoo said...

Jiggins: Yup, actually picked up a couple of things online last night, myself. Ahhh, the beauty of that! LMAO on the word verification!

Vegas Princess said...

When I read about this I really started to fear for the fate of our country and human society as a whole. Very disturbing.

Fred said...

I slept in today, then had to head out to take D1's car in for an insurance settlement. Then I came home and napped.

On top of this sick story was the shooting in SoCal in a Toys 'R Us store.


JoeinVegas said...

Can't sleep in; our 3 year old granddaughter is visiting, and for some reason her folks think they can sleep in and let grammy and graddad do the taking care of thing, imagine that!
But on the way to Vons today to restock I thought of hitting Target, then remembered what day it was and took a pass. Vons was empty. (we needed Honey Nut Cheerios, guess who for)

Nik said...

Hearing these stories absolutely disgusts me. Hello people?!?! A man was murdered in your attempt to save a few bucks. I wonder if any of those people involved, whether they trampled him or didn't even try to help, have consciences that are nagging the hell out of them today. Stores need to figure out a way to handle the massive crowds or just stop doing this idiot sale altogether. People dying over buying Christmas gifts is sickening.

jiggins said...

Nik -

It is a bit unfortunate.. but I think that the trampling is juts one low level of what is going on with 'society'. We need to figure out a lot more than the issue with what - "Stores need to figure out a way to handle the massive crowds..." It is a problem for sure, but you have to remember the sensationalism that the media provides, and what exactly has to be going through someone's mind to allow themselves to be trampled at Wal-mart. No?

Sinister Sam said...

I have my Christmas shopping down to a science. I find out who likes what store and I buy giftcards online and never partake in the ritual of Holiday Shopping in actual places. I haven't left the house on a black Friday in years!