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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Apple is Pretentious

I purchased this little device last year, it's a Philips media player - it plays DVDs, iPod items, and SD cards. I bought it specifically to watch movies from my iPod, as this is what I have in the garage to use on the treadmill. I heart this player. I really heart this player.

You may remember I bought that 160 GB iPod classic a few months ago, which incidentally is persona non grata at Apple.com... but I recently acquired The Office on iTunes and have been looking forward to catching up in Season 5... so last night I get it all set up in the garage, ready for an hour of Scranton bliss, and the screen is blank. Audio? Ok. But no views of John Krasinski anywhere. Damn.

I hit Philips' website to see what's up after I checked all settings with no results. Apple has blocked the newer generations of iPod and the iPod classics. That's pretty arrogant of Apple... it's just like them to be so snobby and not play well with others, which is why Bill Gates got so much of the market, not to mention so incredibly rich.

True, I still have the 80GB iPod which works just fine with the media player. It's just the principle. Can't all the electronics just get along already?
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Vegas Princess said...

Typical. Making you buy more products and gadgets to make them work together. I also heard that they will no longer be offering the 80gig classic any more. What do they want people to do, buy several 8gigs and rotate? Unbelievable!

JoeinVegas said...

But, how would Apple make money if other people could hook up their stuff?

LoraLoo said...

Joe: I think when you make your goods too proprietary, people will often look elsewhere for versatile items. Also if there are all kinds of goodies and gadgets to complement your electronics, more people will buy it. Like cars, for example. They all have iPod connectors anymore... but don't necessarily work with a Zune, perhaps. Now that Apple has gotten snotty about the accessories, next time I'll look for something more universal that I can use with any PC I connect to, my car, a video player... etc.

jiggins said...

Apple gets me at design and clever function.. where they lose me is in the exclusiveness of their content and products. I hear exactly what you are saying and I agree it is annoying. I had a 30gb that was perfect for everything I needed.. got stolen..and now only 60 and 80gb are available.. i just didn't want to go into all that especially after i heard about problems with the newer pods. So i stick to my 8gb nano for the gym. Sorry that you can't use your favorite player with your new ipod.. but where there is a will..there is a way.