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Thursday, October 16, 2008

What's in My Head

I'm traveling to Tonopah tomorrow for work... and while I'm always up for a road trip, this one can't be all that interesting because it's a really long drive (200 miles one way) on mostly a two-lane highway. I've been between Vegas and Beatty many times, and that's one of the MOST boring drives I've ever had to endure... and Beatty is really only about halfway to Tonopah from here. Other places we go on a regular basis (Pahrump, Caliente) are at a distance where one can stop at interesting places along the way, but there will be none of that tomorrow. Luckily I'll have Coworker S. to keep me company, and better yet, I don't have to jam two days of work into a couple of hours - I've done the hard work already, remotely, leaving tomorrow a rather cake-like visit. Hopefully I'll at least have time for some roadside pictures - there's some pretty interesting stuff out there in the desert.

Madison will be cheerleading at the Homecoming game tomorrow, and she knows 2 of about 12 cheers. Today Toni dropped off her pom poms, so I'm hoping to get her to practice the others with them (but definitely without Dallas in the room, he's already made it clear that they should belong to him). It's gonna be cute either way, true. Madison is very much all about the moment, as I am... so she'll probably really enjoy tomorrow.

I'm going on a hike Saturday morning! I'm really looking forward to it, I'm going with a very old friend, Tracey. It's a moderate, 3 mile round trip hike, and there will definitely be pictures to follow. She is a very experienced hiker but I'm still a rookie as far as hiking trails go, so this is gonna be cool.

How's your week going?
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JoeinVegas said...

Tell me you will not be missing the cheerleading for the work trip - with the speeds you drive (well, most of Nevada) it should only be three hours each way (or closer to two).

Nik said...

Well, here's hoping your drive wasn't as treacherous as you made it seem. I too like road trips, but some places are brutal to drive through. The state of Wisconsin is the worst for me, so far. I can't wait to see the pics you take. I'm sure Madison will have a blast cheerleading. My cousin's little girl cheers and it's adorable. Best of luck to you on your hike. I wish I had the ambition to do something like that . lol