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Friday, October 17, 2008

I Covered a lot of Miles

The trip to Tonopah was pretty uneventful. We came, we saw, we conquered, we left. It actually only took us about 3 hours (I was the one who drove fast). As I'd mentioned, there wasn't a whole lot to do there, so we actually got back to town earlier than expected. We did stop in Goldfield, Nevada, on the way back and I got some pictures. There's a really huge cemetery up there that I really need to make time for next time I go, (if you're new here, I have this thing for old graveyards), so the pictures are all of downtown Goldfield. It's a pretty fascinating town that I'd love to spend more time in. Click the link to find out more about Goldfield, but one fascinating bit of trivia is that Virgil and Wyatt Earp were once residents, and Virgil Earp actually died here of pnemonia. There were a lot of abandoned buildings there, as it's mostly a ghost town, the below picture being one of them. This one, however, has a fence around it and appears to be under some restoration plans. (More pictures at Flickr.)

The homecoming game was awesome! Madison was so excited to be a cheerleader and did great with her friends on the sidelines. The homecoming game was in Indian Springs, NV, so I was in the car for 400 miles during my workday and went right back out for another 30 miles to Indian Springs. Here's a picture I took before we left:

She actually cheered! I was so impressed, there wasn't a shy bone in her body tonight. We actually left during the third quarter (it was nearing 10 pm), so I don't even know who won the game yet, but Madison was exhausted after a really long day. Oh yeah, I'm tired too! I'm off to bed soon as Tracey will be here at 8 am to head out for our hike.

Hope your weekend is off to an awesome start!
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jiggins said...

I think I could dig a town like Goldfield.. I have a thing for cemeteries too.. but it creeps me out.. cuz i get too many vibes in them. I lived in New Orleans for a short spell.. (5 years) and anytime I passed by an above-ground cemetery, I could just feel things staring back at me from over the walls and behind the mausoleums. Anyway.. yeah more photos next time of that town and it's graveyard would be cool.. maybe I will head out there myself.

Sheena said...

Last time I was in an old cemetary was back in high school, on halloween night. Very spooky. Madison is just too cute! =)

Angi said...

she looks so cute. it reminds me of a picture of myself I have to see if I can find from this one time I cheered when I was about 5. I swear I wore the same orange color!
You know we lived in Elko for nearly 2 years but never ventured to any of the smaller ghosts towns around there or during the drive to Vegas. We have a book on Nevada ghosts towns. If I find it maybe I'll send it to you!

Nik said...

The ghost town pics are awesome. I would have a blast checking that stuff out. Madison looks so cute too. I get a kick out of watching the little people get invovled in this type of stuff. Very cool that she actually cheered and had fun with it.

An80sNut said...

I've been working my way up to a big tour of Nevada's ghost towns and now have a family to share it with. Should be fun. Goldfield will be on the list. B)