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Thursday, October 09, 2008

"Curiouser and Curiouser"

Alice in Disney's animated versionImage via WikipediaPaticus got it!

I'm going to be Alice in Wonderland for Halloween. I have the whole costume ready, I just need to figure out the hair thing. I have too much hair to stuff under a blonde wig, so I'm going to just do the black headband in my own hair, but I've got to work on the style. She has that whole poofy thing going on in the front I'd like to recreate if I can. Problem is, I have really really straight, flat hair, and it's a good thing I'm not a hairdresser, cause I'm not all that creative in the hairdo department.
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Angi said...

I thought for sure Sleeping Beauty since it's being re-released right now. Will you be taking Dallas out as the Cheshire cat?

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Oh! Great character, I didn't even think of Alice! You will look so cute!

Put your hair in really big hot rollers and then brush it out to the right "degree" of poofiness and spray the hell out of it with hairspray :)

Paticus said...

I guessed it! hooray for me!
I went as Alice one Halloween...I didn't shave my beard, though...So I'm guessing you'll look better than I did.

Sheena said...

Alice in Wonderland!!! awesome costume! :)

Teri said...

I have a snow white costume :)

Vegas Princess said...

I was Alice one year in college. I'll have to dig out a picture and send it to you! Didn't need the wig though. One of the few times my hair actually worked for me.