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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Would You Share?

Yesterday my oldest friend Lora and I were chatting via IM and she'd found an old diary from when we were kids. Lora and I have been friends since we were about six years old... and we attended a small elementary school on a military base. The small size and military rigidity gave the perfect atmosphere for mischief but at the same time it was pretty easy to get caught (which on occasion, we did). The diary she was referring to was when we were about 8 or 9, and it was awesome to hear some of her thoughts and remember some of the names and events. She mentioned in her diary something about me stealing her boyfriend, but she got him back. We had years before we'd know what kissing was but that playground drama started early!

Having gone down memory lane, she mentioned this website: Mortified: Woe and Tell. Here anyone can submit old pictures, love letters, diary entries... all for the whole world to see. We all get to comment and critique it as well, of course, but remember it's anonymous! I was browsing and noticed the submit page is down, apparently hit by a hacker, but the submissions already submitted are a pretty funny read. I haven't checked out the pictures yet, but I'm willing to be they're just as entertaining.

I still have diaries, I think as old as 7th grade... I'll have to ponder making a submission just for fun. Would you? Or have you?
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Fred said...

I'd put it on my blog. At least let us laugh first!

Randy~ said...

You mean you haven't seen the pictures and stories I put up of you from that fateful year of 1986?

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Oh that's a good site, have to check it out more later. I did post a few things from an old diary once. I think you should! It would be fun, promise not to laugh at you, just with you :)

New White Keds said...

I'm with Fred... I mean I am all about postsecret.com, and for that, I understand the anonimity. But if you are gonna share your old pictures, then what is the point?

I say share it with people who already love you and KNOW youare a crazy girl.

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