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Thursday, September 18, 2008

What's In My Head

We have new neighbors... and they're NICE! What a concept. I'm thinking we might be seeing a lot of them. Even better, they bought the house, not renting the house. I'm tired of being surrounded by rentals and foreclosures.

I'm so over Katy Perry. Yeah, "I Kissed A Girl" was good the first 50 times I heard it, but let's move on. Besides, I saw her on the Mtv Video Awards - she sung live, and she really should have lip-synced.

Very ugly projects with the potential of being a complete 3-Mile Island disaster are going down and I'm going to be out three days next week. Meh, I'm not going to care until I get back, we're going to Disneyland!!!

I was kind of expecting gas prices to be really bad after Hurricane Ike. It really hasn't hit us here yet? Hopefully it will hold out until we get back from CA.

I bought a new iPod - the 160GB. I finally broke down and got it. But (total rationalization coming) I read that they discontinued it and are actually going backward in size. WTF?! So I bought one before they're all gone. I am sooooooo loving it. Yes, I actually have enough to necessitate a 160GB!

I have been wrestling with my Treo all afternoon, when I discovered I actually have to send pictures via email, not some Easy Button like some phones have. Setting up email has been a challenge, I've been able to receive email but not send email from the phone for months, and this is for any of my accounts... I called Sprint who was totally lost and was on hold with Palm for half an hour and no results there either. So I think I may have found the solution myself, I'll check it out later. It's so funny because I usually don't care much about features that I don't use much until I want to use them - then I get obsessed with solving the issues when they don't work. I have no real need to send email from my phone, but dammit I want to send pictures...

What's up with you, Internet?


Anonymous said...

Question for you:
I have had this problem months ago but cannot remember how to fix it.
I am coding a new website with an embedded video. I did most of it on another computer with I.E.6.
I moved the files to my laptop which has I.E.7 and when I try to load the page. I receive a message about not allowing Active-x files.
As a result I cannot see my video.
I have been to Tools, internet options, security and enabled Active-x files but this has not fixed the problem.
I have another site I did a few months back with I.E.6 which is on-line and it also has embedded videos and runs fine on the laptop.
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance...

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

LOL @ Anon.

Hey 160 GB!!!!!!! DANG! My problem is I have more room on my iPod than I do on my laptop and won't be able to add many more songs to my iTunes.

Wave at me when you are at Dizland, I am about 30 mins south of there. Have a great time,can't wait to see the photos.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Hey Lora, how are you ? Wow, a trip to Disneyland ... now that's something I've gotta do one day !!
I have a 60gb Ipod, and it is more or less full ...I've been deleting stuff from it already ... wish I had a bigger one !!
Enjoy your trip, have a great weekend.
Take care, Meow

JoeinVegas said...

So, now you will be emailing pictures directly from Disneyland? Imediate news reporting, almost live.