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Friday, September 05, 2008

What's On My iPod

Billy Idol - "Eyes Without a Face" - This is one of my favorites from Billy Idol, if not THE favorite. I think this song shows what an awesome voice he has.... he's going to be in town next weekend and I'm not going, damnit. If you've never seen him live, you really should - he puts on an awesome show (Right, Nik?)

Hole - "Celebrity Skin" - I find it funny that Courtney Love sort of epitomizes this song. Back when this video was released, she looked pretty healthy.

Chemical Brothers - "Block Rockin' Beats" - This song is permanently embedded in my workout playlist, it gets you to moooooooove.

Adam Ant - "Goody Two Shoes" - This is such a good, cheeky video. Not to mention one hell of a good song! I had the biggest crush on the Adam Ant in the 80's.

No Doubt - "Ex Girlfriend" - This album (Return of Saturn) pretty much solidified my respect for No Doubt. I think I listened to this song like a zillion times, cause when this album came out, I was really feeling this song.

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