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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Have We Lost Our Minds? Our Marketability?

Vegas has learned a thing or two from cities like Los Angeles and New York - one being that celebrities bring in patrons. If a celebrity garnishes your establishment, for even one night (even one hour), it's a reason to advertise, it's a reason to raise the price of champagne, and it's a reason to expect a full house.

I read in Las Vegas Weekly today that Shar Jackson is going to celebrate her birthday at a local night spot - and not the watering hole your redneck uncle plays pool at, either. She's celebrating her birthday at the Blush boutique nightclub inside the Wynn.

Ok, first question, WTF is a boutique nightclub? You can buy lingerie for your nightcap with the strange fool you take home? Some Jimmy Choo's when you break your heel running to the ladies room to fix your lipstick? I'm confused by this.

Second - Shar Jackson? I wouldn't even know who she is if it wasn't for her twice baby daddy, K-Fed. Has she even acted in anything since Moesha? If this is the only star power that Blush can bring in on a weekend, even in tough times like this, maybe it should just close it's doors.

OR, are we that eager to see a train wreck that we'll go? Would you pay $500+ for a champagne bottle just for the chance to see Shar Jackson? Not I.

It's too bad Vegas hadn't figured this marketing magic out when I was still actually going to night clubs here, cause some of the DJ's we get - now them I'd like to see.
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Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Maybe they're hoping Britney will get wind of it and decide it would make a good tabloid cover if she showed up and started a fight or something..

That was mean. But I couldn't' resist.

JoeinVegas said...

Um, who the heck is she? (no, I wouldn't)

Molie said...

Perhaps they meant boozetique? Sure it's not a word, but it still makes more sense.