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Monday, July 14, 2008

What's In My Head

I need new walking shoes, stat. I'd bought a pair on sale (first mistake) and I wore them for a whole week before I realized it was not happening. I've worn a pair of my favorite Sketchers for the last three nights, and they're just not the right shoe for the distance/pace I keep. So I'm on a mission, hopefully tomorrow.

In recording ALL of my CD library, I'm finding some missing CDs. I'll find a case empty and it could be my famous lack-of-organizational skills or lost in a stereo, as I traded trucks in quite a few times before I got my Mommy-mobile. At least none of them (so far) have been rare imports or ones with sentimental value.

I'm at 67 GB of music, and I'm in the middle of letter "N". Sigh. Of course there's going to be some cleanup when I'm all done, but I've been doing some of it as I go along. It's going be quite an undertaking, as that's about 9500 songs as of today. I probably still have 200-ish CDs to go!

Okay, this whole humid cloudy stuff without any significant rainfall isn't funny anymore. Mother Nature are you listening? RAIN, damnit!

The scab on my forehead is healing nicely, but I still have one hell of a bump. Or a prehistoric man ledge, however you want to look at it...heh!

Thank you to Ken - cause I discovered Meebo after he commented about a previous post (Keep in Touch). It keeps all of my gmail, yahoo and MSN buddy lists in one place, and there's nothing to download to use it... bonus!
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Fred said...

67 GB? Holy crap!

Funny point about the CD. I've lost a few that way myself.

We're getting your rain. Five inches over three days...I've had enough.

Nik said...

If you haven't found your shoes yet, Nike Shox are kind of expensive, but I'd highly recommend them. I've got four pair now and I love them. My faves are the kind that have shox from toe to heel. They're so comfy.

We've had the humid waiting for the rain going on here too, but I'm about 1/2 hour from getting nailed with a thunderstorm, so here's hoping the rain has hit you by now.

I about fell outta my chair laughing about your prehistoric man ledge. You crack me up.